Saturday, November 1, 2008

F**k those leeches

First they enter our territory in search of livelihood because their country or their religion can't even satisfy their basic needs. Start here with low end works (thanks to Indian's mentality of classifying low & high jobs). Once they can fill their stomach, satisfy the bare minimum needs, they collectively start to thank their God for giving then a okay type life. India being a secular nation never stops such activities. Here even illegal foreigners have the right to practice whatever they like in the name of religion. Then they start looking into the politics of the country, take advantage of the greedy natives of this country ranging from security personnel to government officials. Take proper identifications for themselves. In the process they become citizens of the country, and finally participate in the democracy. Then they start looking at the property of the indigenous people, start encroaching it, endangering the lives of local people. If the localities protest or retaliate, our mother fucking government call it communal violence or atrocities against minorities and human right people come into picture. So, finally, with sympathies from people of this country who follow the same religion like them and government's greedy eye for votes make them safe and they start doing their filthy works. Assam saw such a nasty work of those leeches, who are sucking the blood of the people this part of the country since 2 long decades now. Administration knows everything, but don't do anything. Hosting Pakistani flags to slaughtering cows for a feast when Pakistan wins against India in cricket matches, all sorts of anti-national works are done. But no body questions. And, finally they name themselves Islamic Security Force. These leeches, they are never part of this country; but look at the guts in their asses !!! They are fighting for their rights. Holy Shit. It was all possible because of coward and corrupt Indians. For money, we Indians can sale our mothers in the market. If we can see our own land, our own people bleed - we have no right to call ourselves the greatest creation of God. Even, a wild animal have emotions and sympathies for its fellow members of the group and try its best to protect from predators.
I have no problem for the people who practice that religion. But, I do have problems if people belonging to that religion shows sympathies for foreigners or illegal immigrants because they think they follow the same God. But, wait, your are forgetting something. You practice Islam, which is something Holy and never asks for bloodshed. Its teachings are on the same line of other religions to promote peace, love and fraternity. Those leeches practice Talibanism, which is built on the foundation of blood, hatred and fucking Jihad. So, look before sympathizing them next time. You might be putting fuel into your own destruction. Jihads knows no religion.

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