Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Salute You All !!!

Finally, after 60 hrs. the terror drama is over. After 2.5 days of battle, the savior of the nation gave us a sigh of relief. Utter loss of human life and property, but our heroes prevented more loss which otherwide would have happened. Its the time to congratulate our heroes the NSGs, the Marine Commandos, the Indian Army, Mumbai police, the fire men, and last but not the least our media personnel who risked their lives to update us on every seconds of development. As per official report, 15 police men , 2 NSGs sacrified their lives to protect Mumbai, to protect us from terrorism. Not to forget all those unsung heroes who engaged themselves someway or the other in those 60 difficult hours. Some collected bottles of blood for the injured, some waited outside the sites with the relatives of the victims and someothers kept awake all night to keep our the security personnels fresh by giving them Tea-Biscuits. A combined effort of all once again proved the futility of nasty terrorism. The filthy rats who turned Mumbai into a war zone are finally killed, eliminated.
Hats of to all the people who helped eliminating the elements of terror. Because of you, I can still feel that there is someone, somewhere to protect us. Its you, Heroes in Uniform whom we can trust, we can rely on in the most difficult hours. 1.1 billion Indians owe you for our lives and property.

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