Thursday, August 16, 2007

Red Red Wine...

"Wine" a term usually related to celebration, good moments. How far can one travel to get wine? 1km... 10km... 100km... or 500km ??? Yes, me and my friend traveled 500km(to-fro) from Pune. It all started with a random plan that we decided to go to Sangli (a place 250kms away from Pune, known for its wine vineyard) to see the vineyards there and the processing plants. We started from Pune at around 2pm. The journey was through Mumbai-Bangalore Highway (NH4). It was raining moderately and hence it was real fun to drive. I myself don't drink wine, but it was all for the driving pleasure and to see the vineyard that I agreed upon the plan. I don't say myself to be a very good driver, but I find driving very much relaxing and soothing. We reached our destination at around 7pm. The place is known as Krishna Wine Park, and it comes under Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. The person there showed us the processing plant, the big chambers where the wines are stored and told us in brief about the varieties of grapes. It was really great to see and know those stuffs. We reached back home by around 12midnite. The drive, the vineyard ... proved a real cool combination and a memorable experience for both me and my friend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Road Not Taken : An Analysis

Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” has been one of the most analyzed, quoted, anthologized poems in American poetry. About the poem, Frost asserted, "You have to be careful of that one; it's a tricky poem - very tricky." And he is, of course, correct. The poem has been and continues to be used as an inspirational poem, one that to the undiscerning eye seems to be encouraging self-reliance, not following where others have led. But a close reading of the poem proves otherwise. It does not moralize about choice, it simply says that choice is inevitable but you never know what your choice will mean until you have lived it.

I feel, from the poem we can't make out any positive or negative conclusion. For example, as in the line And that has made all the difference, the poet has never mentioned anything in the poem which can conclude whether the difference is a positive or a negative one. Also as in I shall be telling this with a sigh, the sigh can mean a nostalgic relief or a regret.

So Frost was absolutely correct; his poem is tricky—very tricky. But only if we are not careful readers. If we read into poems claims that are not there. And in this poem, it is important to be careful with the time frame. As we read in the line Somewhere ages and ages hence, poet's evaluation of the difference of his choice made are still in the future. He will be reporting sometime in the future how his road choice turned out, we have to realize that we cannot assign meaning to “sigh” and “difference,” because the speaker himself cannot know how his choice will affect his future, until after he has lived it.

The poem justifies my funda of life, "Past is gone, future is yet to come, so live the present; its a gift and don't worry about the choices you are making. You never know whether you have to regret or feel glad about the choices you are making today or whether the difference will be a positive or a negative". Just Live and Let Live !!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

All About Acceptance...

when I was a child, I grew up with a notion in myself that I will never ever submit myself to average habits. So, whatever I aspired to do, I gave all of myself and succeeded in most of my endeavors. That made me one of the well known kids in town (I am from a small town, so that was fairly easy on my part). But the child is grown now and the dream is gone. I have learnt to submit myself to acceptance. When I look into my life in current days, I feel its only acceptance that has reigned the supreme. Everywhere, I just accept stuffs. Over the years, I have accepted that getting a girl for myself, who will love me, care for me and just take me for granted is far beyond possibility. The development of vitiligo in me has worsen my notion and I have been compelled to put a full stop in it. Rest, I am not sure about my future, my career ahead. So, I have just accepted in myself to do good whatever I am doing now. But, it gives me a big question mark when I see people around me living life the kings size; they live life they feel like, they have females with them or have the capability to lure them. I know all that glitters are not gold. All smiling faces are not happy in their lives. But, I feel atleast they are more normal than me. I am not comparing myself with people around me, but its true that I get the feeling of a pin prick in my ass when I find that life is not very kind with me. So, for me its all about acceptance now. Learning to accept limitations in my effort to be happy in life. If I don't accept limitations then it make me more depressed, although depression is a way of life now.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

how does it feel ?

How does it feel when you discover that when you were celebrating your achievement, you actually got ruined somewhere?
How does it feel when you find that inspite of being so generous, kind and good to people around you, bad things keep happening with you?

Although I have so many thoughts in my mind... I don't wanna dirty my blog with shits. I am just asking myself only one question, "If there is a God, they why has He let me die?" Ofcourse this question is totally irrelevant for me.

Toota Toota Ek Parinda Aise Toota
Ke Phir Jud Naa Paaya
Loota Loota Kisne Usko Aise Loota
Ke Phir Ud Naa Paaya
Girta Hua Woh Asma Se
Aakar Gira Zameen Par

Is this a life I was supposed to lead ??? I don't know... nobody knows...