Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Resume of a Different Kind

Some terrorists managed to put Mumbai in a stand still. These killing machines were trained to their jaws in inflicting terror. I thought, what must be the pre-requisite to enroll into those misguided Islamic Terror Outfits like LeT or Harkat-ul-Mujaheddin? I could think about the resume of such an aspirant.

[Some Name]

Objective : Seeking a career in terrorism which will give me the opportunity and platform to kill members of other communities in the name of our God; attain Heaven and Houris after my death.

Summary :

  1. 3 yrs. of experience in Terrorism with IM.
  2. Extensive misinterpreted knowledge of our Religion.
  3. Very religious, follow complete etiquette and rules.
  4. Have experience of planting bombs in crowded markets which have killed atmost 20 people.
  5. Experience of engagement in planning and implementation of Serial Blasts.
  6. Competent, cooperative and have the right team spirit, provided all my team members belong to the same religion as mine.
Technical Skills :
  1. Hands on experience with country made revolvers.
  2. Make bombs with explosives like amonium nitrate.
  3. Working knowledge of 9mm revolvers, hand grenades
  4. Acquinted with knowledge of RDX, AK-47, Light Machine Guns.
Profesional Experience :

dd/mm/yyyy - Present
  1. Placed 1 Bomb in XYZ market which killed 20 people (on dd/mm/yyyy).
  2. Involved directly in Serial Blasts with killed 100+ people (on dd/mm/yyyy).

  1. Attended some indepth traings by ABC (ABC Certifed Misguided Religious Person).
  2. Attanded bomb making institute in PoK.
  3. Trainings in hacking into email ids / wireless routers.

I cerify that all the above information are correct in the name of God.

Sincerely Yours,
[Some Name]

Lets Take a Pledge

After the terror saga getting over, its now the estimation of the loss incurred upon us by the fucking neighbor of us. I have full trust on the Tatas that old glory of Taj will be revived and they will rebuild Taj inch by inch. But, its the loss of human lives which can never be regained. Only the bad memory will remain. Some very unfortunates lost their entire family in the whole episode.
2008 was a year which went very worng for all Indians. A blood bath was seen almost every month. But now Enough is Enough. Lets take a pledge at this hour to say no to our nasty politician to take advantage of these events and again divide us on basis of our religion and languages we speak. Where was Raj Thakerey? Where was Laloo Prasad? At the time of crisis ... Raj should have come and join the security personnels in protecting Mumbai from the terrorists, rather then protecting Mumbai from Biharis in the other wise peace time. Its getting unbearable now. Our mother-fucker neighbour let loose some rats plagued by Islamic Extremism to destroy the lives, property and harmony of our country. The irony of the fact is that these Islamic Rats get local support in our country from some other rats who have also got infected by this plague virus of Islamic Extremism / Jihad. This virus has entered the roots of the society to such an extent that its difficult to prevent it now. Only thing we can do is to carry on with our normal lives and show our ass to the evils. What can some misguided religious rats do ? Kill 100 ? Kill 1000 ? At most kill 10000 and blow up Twin Towers / Taj. But lets not fear. If we fear and get scared, these mother fuckers will get encouragement to do more nasty deeds.
Men is mortal. If not by terrorists , we will die one day any way by disease or accident or old age. So why fear ? Lets Live Life... Lets show the Holy Fuckers that their filty virus can't infect us and take its toll ? Lets take the pledge that we wont get scared, and live as normally as ever before but lets be cautious to make our society safe and secure.

I Salute You All !!!

Finally, after 60 hrs. the terror drama is over. After 2.5 days of battle, the savior of the nation gave us a sigh of relief. Utter loss of human life and property, but our heroes prevented more loss which otherwide would have happened. Its the time to congratulate our heroes the NSGs, the Marine Commandos, the Indian Army, Mumbai police, the fire men, and last but not the least our media personnel who risked their lives to update us on every seconds of development. As per official report, 15 police men , 2 NSGs sacrified their lives to protect Mumbai, to protect us from terrorism. Not to forget all those unsung heroes who engaged themselves someway or the other in those 60 difficult hours. Some collected bottles of blood for the injured, some waited outside the sites with the relatives of the victims and someothers kept awake all night to keep our the security personnels fresh by giving them Tea-Biscuits. A combined effort of all once again proved the futility of nasty terrorism. The filthy rats who turned Mumbai into a war zone are finally killed, eliminated.
Hats of to all the people who helped eliminating the elements of terror. Because of you, I can still feel that there is someone, somewhere to protect us. Its you, Heroes in Uniform whom we can trust, we can rely on in the most difficult hours. 1.1 billion Indians owe you for our lives and property.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Idiot Box...

Although I spend 300 bucks every month for my DTH subscription, but I don't really get to see programs worth the money. Except for the Hindi and English movie channels and few news & info channels, all other channels sucks big time. VH1 is also deteriorating every passing day as they show more of Saturday Night Live and less of Music. MTV is completly Roadies TV now and [V] is Lola TV. MTV should be renamed as RTV. Hindi news channels are all craps and I can actually smell the shits when I am surfing through the channels. The Hindi entertainment channels are full of reality shows and sometimes I doubt how real the shows are. I must admit that the persons who participate in those shows are talented, but the judges are all craps. It makes me wonder how can Sonali Bendre or Rakhi Sawant can judge the music talents. Had the shows were realistic shows of item numbers or bare it all competitions, Rakhi would have been the right judge. Mann, she does not even know how to talk. And all these constitute the sorry state of Indian TV Industry or may be the bad taste of Indian audience. The TV has indeed become an idiot box.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love Your Job, Not the Company

LOVE YOUR JOB, BUT NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMPANY BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN COMPANY STOPS LOVING YOU - Narayana Murthy this time of recession and economic crisis, when premier companies are laying off their employees, I can feel the gravity of this saying by Narayana Murthy - Infosys founder and
one of the top 50 influential persons of Asia. But, few people can be so practical in nature to follow the saying in one's professional and personal life. After spending more than 10 hrs. of the day, 5 days a week (6 or sometimes 7 days for people like me), one is bound to fall in love with the workplace or the company. For people like me, who have very few personal life except for writing blogs, listening music, watching movies, reading books and cooking food, workplace becomes such a comfort zone that you actually end up spending a lot of your time in it. And, finally one day due to some fucking economic crisis, the employer is subjected to cost cutting and you get laid off. You are asked to leave the place in a nick of time where you had spent months and years of your life. As though, a powerful blast has destroyed everthing in just a fraction of time. The person on whom such things happen can only feel the pain and trauma. Although, I am safe till now, I can't say when my time will come. Its really tragic to see colleagues leaving under such circumstances. People with whom you had lunches, shared jokes, helped each other in professional matters or sometimes even personally; you lose them just instantly. Its a real shitty feeling.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is it really realistic?

I watched the much hyped and most awaited movie of the season - Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. But, honestly speaking I found nothing in the movie which was worth watching. And, I was left a bit disappointed after watching it. The lead actresses did some good job; Priyanka, Kangana and even new comer Mugdha was good. But, the storyline was something which was known to everyone. The drugs connection of fashion industry, catwalk to sidewalk story of former model Gitanjali Nagpal, wardrobe malfunction of model Carol Gracias, wide spread prevalence of gays in fashion world are something known to almost all urban Indian, or may be even to small towners. So, there was nothing new or anything realistic in it. That's what fashion industry is all about. The movie was all about some ramp events with a mediocre story. Some of the scenes like models taking endless puffs, drinking wine in backstage can be seen in a more realistic manner in FTV. All in all it must have been a wastage of Rs. 200 for multiplex audiences and a timepass of 2.5 hrs.

Devotional Death Metal ?

Have anyone heard of Devotional Death Metal ? The answer is a big NO. Similarly, Hindu Terrorism is something which doesn't exist. These days all the news channels are telecasting news items, newspapers writing articles on Hindu Terrorism. But, it must be something politically motivated stuffs to carry away the attention of people from the serials blasts the country faced almost throughout the year of 2008. I read an article on the 10th Nov - '08 issue of Outlook magazine. Just presenting it in this post. I liked the article, because I also have a similar belief on the topic.

by Francois Gautier

Is there such a thing as 'Hindu terrorism', as the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur for the recent Malegaon blasts may tend to prove? Well, I guess I was asked to write this column because I am one of that rare breed of foreign correspondents—a lover of Hindus! A born Frenchman, Catholic-educated and non-Hindu, I do hope I'll be given some credit for my opinions, which are not the product of my parents' ideas, my education or my atavism, but garnered from 25 years of reporting in South Asia (for Le Journal de Geneve and Le Figaro).

In the early 1980s, when I started freelancing in south India, doing photo features on kalaripayattu, the Ayyappa festival, or the Ayyanars, I slowly realised that the genius of this country lies in its Hindu ethos, in the true spirituality behind Hinduism. The average Hindu you meet in a million villages possesses this simple, innate spirituality and accepts your diversity, whether you are Christian or Muslim, Jain or Arab, French or Chinese. It is this Hinduness that makes the Indian Christian different from, say, a French Christian, or the Indian Muslim unlike a Saudi Muslim. I also learnt that Hindus not only believed that the divine could manifest itself at different times, under different names, using different scriptures (not to mention the wonderful avatar concept, the perfect answer to 21st century religious strife) but that they had also given refuge to persecuted minorities from across the world—Syrian Christians, Parsis, Jews, Armenians, and today, Tibetans. In 3,500 years of existence, Hindus have never militarily invaded another country, never tried to impose their religion on others by force or induced conversions.

You cannot find anybody less fundamentalist than a Hindu in the world and it saddens me when I see the Indian and western press equating terrorist groups like SIMI, which blow up innocent civilians, with ordinary, angry Hindus who burn churches without killing anybody. We know also that most of these communal incidents often involve persons from the same groups—often Dalits and tribals—some of who have converted to Christianity and others not.

However reprehensible the destruction of Babri Masjid, no Muslim was killed in the process; compare this to the 'vengeance' bombings of 1993 in Bombay, which wiped out hundreds of innocents, mostly Hindus. Yet the Babri Masjid destruction is often described by journalists as the more horrible act of the two. We also remember how Sharad Pawar, when he was chief minister of Maharashtra in 1993, lied about a bomb that was supposed to have gone off in a Muslim locality of Bombay.

I have never been politically correct, but have always written what I have discovered while reporting. Let me then be straightforward about this so-called Hindu terror. Hindus, since the first Arab invasions, have been at the receiving end of terrorism, whether it was by Timur, who killed 1,00,000 Hindus in a single day in 1399, or by the Portuguese Inquisition which crucified Brahmins in Goa. Today, Hindus are still being targeted: there were one million Hindus in the Kashmir valley in 1900; only a few hundred remain, the rest having fled in terror. Blasts after blasts have killed hundreds of innocent Hindus all over India in the last four years. Hindus, the overwhelming majority community of this country, are being made fun of, are despised, are deprived of the most basic facilities for one of their most sacred pilgrimages in Amarnath while their government heavily sponsors the Haj. They see their brothers and sisters converted to Christianity through inducements and financial traps, see a harmless 84-year-old swami and a sadhvi brutally murdered. Their gods are blasphemed.

So sometimes, enough is enough.At some point, after years or even centuries of submitting like sheep to slaughter, Hindus—whom the Mahatma once gently called cowards—erupt in uncontrolled fury. And it hurts badly. It happened in Gujarat. It happened in Jammu, then in Kandhamal, Mangalore, and Malegaon. It may happen again elsewhere. What should be understood is that this is a spontaneous revolution on the ground, by ordinary Hindus, without any planning from the political leadership. Therefore, the BJP, instead of acting embarrassed, should not disown those who choose other means to let their anguished voices be heard.

There are about a billion Hindus, one in every six persons on this planet. They form one of the most successful, law-abiding and integrated communities in the world today. Can you call them terrorists?

The writer is the editor-in-chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l'Inde.)

(C) The Outlook Magazine, November 10th Issue - 2008.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

An addiction of different kind...

the techies call it Web 2.0, I call it a mere addiction. Look at me. I never used to write diary may be till 3 years ago. But today I am just addicted to writing blog. I can't stand it if my blog remain unattended even for a dew days. And Web has taken such a new look in last 2 years that life without web is just not thinkable. Even if we take the example of Orkut, the most widely used social networking site, it has gone through such a rapid change and each change is a new development. Today, even scraps took the form of a conversation. Seriously, web has given a totally different and new view to life. It has changed our mentality. Till some years back, people used to confine their feelings, thinking, beliefs and even emotions into pages of a small book, they call it personal diary. Yes, it was very much personal and reading such a diary without owner's approval was regarded as a crime. But today, people openly cry out loud, put forward views, feelings and even emotions through the web. Let it be blogger, wordpress or any other sites. Studies says that even youngsters are more prone to social networking, blogs. Web, which was once regarded as a easy access to the world of porn and was thought to be harmful for young people is no longer so. Life without web.... can't really think such a life.

Monday, November 3, 2008

End of a Quiet Week

Diwali vacation is finally over and everybody is back to work. However enthusiasm and zeal is lacking in everyone in this slow down time. Fear of recession, lay offs and all those bad feelings. For me, Diwali was just 2 holidays. I actually didn't do anything special in the last week. But, one thing which I found special was that, the whole town was so quiet and calm for the week except for the noise from fire crackers. There were less vehicles in road, not much people in the road and I really loved it. I could get a feel how this place must have been 9-10 years ago before the IT and BPO revolution ruined the serenity of the place. But, we are back to square one. The roads are again full of vehicles and incessant crowd and what not. It was so relaxing to see the places so serene, may be even for a few days. I wish everyday were Diwali.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

F**k those leeches

First they enter our territory in search of livelihood because their country or their religion can't even satisfy their basic needs. Start here with low end works (thanks to Indian's mentality of classifying low & high jobs). Once they can fill their stomach, satisfy the bare minimum needs, they collectively start to thank their God for giving then a okay type life. India being a secular nation never stops such activities. Here even illegal foreigners have the right to practice whatever they like in the name of religion. Then they start looking into the politics of the country, take advantage of the greedy natives of this country ranging from security personnel to government officials. Take proper identifications for themselves. In the process they become citizens of the country, and finally participate in the democracy. Then they start looking at the property of the indigenous people, start encroaching it, endangering the lives of local people. If the localities protest or retaliate, our mother fucking government call it communal violence or atrocities against minorities and human right people come into picture. So, finally, with sympathies from people of this country who follow the same religion like them and government's greedy eye for votes make them safe and they start doing their filthy works. Assam saw such a nasty work of those leeches, who are sucking the blood of the people this part of the country since 2 long decades now. Administration knows everything, but don't do anything. Hosting Pakistani flags to slaughtering cows for a feast when Pakistan wins against India in cricket matches, all sorts of anti-national works are done. But no body questions. And, finally they name themselves Islamic Security Force. These leeches, they are never part of this country; but look at the guts in their asses !!! They are fighting for their rights. Holy Shit. It was all possible because of coward and corrupt Indians. For money, we Indians can sale our mothers in the market. If we can see our own land, our own people bleed - we have no right to call ourselves the greatest creation of God. Even, a wild animal have emotions and sympathies for its fellow members of the group and try its best to protect from predators.
I have no problem for the people who practice that religion. But, I do have problems if people belonging to that religion shows sympathies for foreigners or illegal immigrants because they think they follow the same God. But, wait, your are forgetting something. You practice Islam, which is something Holy and never asks for bloodshed. Its teachings are on the same line of other religions to promote peace, love and fraternity. Those leeches practice Talibanism, which is built on the foundation of blood, hatred and fucking Jihad. So, look before sympathizing them next time. You might be putting fuel into your own destruction. Jihads knows no religion.