Friday, October 31, 2008

An Inopportune Truth

Never before I felt like that. Calling all my relatives and friends back home to ask if they are safe. 13 blasts, 6 minutes, 4 cities which took the toll of 65+ lives so far and 400+ injured. The problem which was till now ignored by Indian Government as a regional problem has finally shocked everyone. One day or the other it was bound to happen. Islamic Terrorism has finally proved its grip in this part of the country too. Till a few years ago, illegal migrants from Bangladesh was responsible for changing the demography of the North Eastern states of India, and our fucking government was turning a blind eye to it (as those migrants proved to be a large vote bank for them). But in the process, the whole country's security is in stake now. Studies say that in Assam alone, Muslim population grew by 75% in past 10 years, while the growth in Hindu and other religions is only 47%. And, illegal immigration being there for past 15 years or so, it is now impossible to distinguish between indigenous Muslims and Muslims who have migrated from Bangladesh. The aftermath is, people who were called majority till yesterday, are facing an identity crisis today. If we take just the case of Assam, people of Assam, its fucked up government, government at the center, security agencies all are equally responsible for this. ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom), the so called care taker of Assamese people till few years back has now sold off the security, sovereignty and identity of Assam to Bangladesh. Bangladesh, which will be a second Afganistan in a few years (thanks to the wide spread Talibanism), will prove to be a major security threat to Assam and India as a whole. Yesterday's serial blasts was just a trailer. While, other parts of the country watched blasts with amonium nitrate, it was RDX in Assam. I have personally known, how the indeginous people of Assam are facing a threat to their property and lives from illegal migrants. But, everybody including me are sleeping. May be 200 years from now, our descendents have to fight for independence from Islamic Rule, like we did for freeing ourselves from British. Bad days are ahead for all of us ... looks pessimistic but thats the truth.

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