Monday, March 27, 2006

A friend, a family member ... just more than a Pet

It dates back to 1997, when I was studying in 10th standard. I used to go for math tution earley in the morning to a teacher who stay near my house. There is a college called Sankardev College near my house in Shillong. And it had a canteen. The owner who was a Khasi guy, had two dogs. Doggy was a good old Khasi Village Dog and another one ... black in colour, quite young in age and was a skinny dog. Those days, I really dont know, that small dog had some grudge against me. He will forget to chew the piece of bone, but never forget to bark at me. I was thankful to the owner that he always kept it tied. Probably I hated him. But as winter was approaching, the schools and college in Shillong was going for Winter Vacation. The canteen was closed too, leaving the dogs behind. The owner was confident that his pets will have enough means to fill their stomach. Probably, it marked the days that started my acquintances with that naughty black dog. It will come to our house for food. My Parents used to feed him, and gradually it seemed as though he was our dog itself. As I used to be a dog lover since my childhood, I started liking him, and I named him "KALU". All my neighbours and people around my house knew KALU as Haloi's Dog. Kalu was such a wonderful animal. He will go with me wherever I go. The simple fact was we never tied him. We made a kennel for him, and he was very much confortable with that. Those days I was preparing for my SSLC exam, and KALU used to be good source of relaxation for me. FInally, winter was over, the college and canteen reopened, and Kalu's owner returned. He was very much thankful to us, for taking good care of his dog. And the trend continued, Kalu will stay in the canteen for the whole day, and in the evening he will come to us, have dinner and sleep in his cosy kennel. But towards the end of 1998, the canteen license of the Khasi guy expired, so he headed for his village leaving his dogs behind. As there was no dearth of food, the dogs also didnot felt any problems with that. Since than Kalu was our dog, wholly owned by us. Probably this blog space is not enough for describing all those wonderful moment I and my family spent with Kalu. All those who came to our house, simply loved him. He developed such nice physique... tight muscles, 2.5 feet long and 1.5 feet in height. One vet once told us that, Kalu must be a hybrid of a Labrador and Desi. The good days continued... But proably, everything in this world thats have a beginning must have an end. After staying with us, for 3 years, Kalu finally bid us good bye and left for the God's Place on 13th Feb. 2000. Leaving all my family bereaved with shock and trauma. It was such a tragedy for me, that my parents worried if I would be able to appear for my 12th board. I still remember him with a watery eye, but the moment which I spent with him console me.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A journey down memory lane !!!

For many days, I am just thinking what to write in my blog !!! Life is so mechanical these days, that I have nothing worthy to write abt it. So, I thought... why not write abt my past life .. probably in next many blog I will just try to recollect those moments ....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

nice to be @ Incident 2006

It was good to be at Inci - '06 ... more than that in college after 2 years.. I was so enthusiastic about going to my Alma Mater, that 15 hrs. bus journey from Pune to Surathkal looked like a few hours. It was 10am on 3rd March, and I was standing infront of the Main Gate of my college. It was great to see the main building, the Special Stage for Informelz events of Incident, ATB etc etc. and all those budding engineers. Then Lunch in Sads remined me all those good moments in those 4 years. The Party Hall, where I gave my 1st Job Treat made me go a bit senti. Enjoyed some of the events in Informelz and the Western Musical in the evening was simply awesome. The Next day i.e 4th March. Saturday was great. Enjoyed informelz, group dance to the heart's content. All the enjoyments got shattered by the tragedy with the Final Yr. guy. May his soul rest in peace. It was hard to overcome from such a trauma. Then Euphoria was very very pakao... and it was the end of the day. Spent the nite in Maharaja Hotel. On 5th, we woke up late in the cozy rooms of the hotel. Then we went for a lunch at Hao-Ming. It was just too much. Pork, Pomfret, Prawns, Hao-Ming Special Rice etc etc ... just made us immovable. But i had to return to Pune that day. With an adios to all my frends and my institute, I finally boared the volvo for Pune @ 3:30. All in all it was good to be there, and it got marked as a memorable weekend. Company of people like Neta, Rana, Donald, Bhaskar, Pagal Kulkarni, KK added more fun to the whole episode... Seriously, I was very glad to be welcomed by all juniors... although we left 2 years ago. People at informelz actually recognised us to be pass-outs ... Overall.. it was good to be there..... Hail to KREC and KRECians ... !!!