Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Typical Day @ Work

"Hey, how's life man ?"... "Well, nothing much. Life has been caught in a vivacious circle of work and office. Days are just photo copies of the other day. As though I am carrying the copy of Monday throughout the week." ... This was a conversation between me and one of my friends 5-6 years back. I don't know about him, but for me life is still the same. "Well... Nothing Much", that's it. Apart from the work I do, for which I am paid for and my boss, there are two other entities which rules a typical day at my workplace. Two unique characters, whom God must have created when He was quite out of His mind. One of them, probably come to office just to make phone calls; all kinds of personal calls at high decibels. Clever way to save phone bills. So, I am quite abreast with the happenings in his life. When his A/C compressor goes bad, when the water tap in his toilet have a leakage, if the credit card guy put some extra charges inspite of he being a privileged customer,  so on and so forth. The noise created often compels me to listen to heavy death metals at 11 O'Clock in the morning. Another one, is quite different from this one. He is quite shrewd and very irritating. I term him as the most sadist person I have ever met in my life. He find happiness in irritating the other person with all his f**ked up comments and expressions. A person who takes his freedom of expression very seriously. He will stand by your cubicle when you are talking to your manager or any other person, where his presence is not at all wanted. He will never miss to take part in any discussion you are having. He wont hesitate to peep into your computer monitor and sometimes even wont mind to ask you "what is that", pointing to something in your computer screen. A person fully lacking in civic, moral and social etiquette. Today, it crossed all limits. He asked one of my friend, "Do I know the person with whom you are talking in the phone ?". Oh God, save me from the atrocities. Inspite of numerous feed back to both these two entities, nothing changed in the last many years. It's like clay pot, however you may try you can't change its shape. So, both of them has become a part of life at workplace, like traffic jam you encounter in the road. The only way out is to put on your headset, stroll out from your cubicle or IGNORE. The only consolation is, it's our fate. We can't choose colleagues.