Monday, November 3, 2008

End of a Quiet Week

Diwali vacation is finally over and everybody is back to work. However enthusiasm and zeal is lacking in everyone in this slow down time. Fear of recession, lay offs and all those bad feelings. For me, Diwali was just 2 holidays. I actually didn't do anything special in the last week. But, one thing which I found special was that, the whole town was so quiet and calm for the week except for the noise from fire crackers. There were less vehicles in road, not much people in the road and I really loved it. I could get a feel how this place must have been 9-10 years ago before the IT and BPO revolution ruined the serenity of the place. But, we are back to square one. The roads are again full of vehicles and incessant crowd and what not. It was so relaxing to see the places so serene, may be even for a few days. I wish everyday were Diwali.

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