Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dude's Day Out !!!

It was the weekend with the Independence Day holiday.. I was in Bangalore. I reached along with one of my frend on the Thursday Night [11th August]. After months of keeping distance, I finally met all my college gang there ... probably one of the best weekend i have ever had. Friday moring and afternoon was spent @ my cousin sister's place. She treated me with all sorts of cooked food... rohu fish, chicken, homely dal... Had the opportunity to have a nice homely meal after so many months ,, I guess !!! Friday Night was a rocking one at Purple Haze [nice pub @ Residency Road]. Awesome music and crowd. Enjoyed to the hearts content. Saturday moring, I prepared roasted pork for my frends... and they were bewildered at my cooking skills. Then went to Forum [the much hyped mall in B'lore]. Babes were good... but not comparable to Puneri chicks. Saturday evening was again @ Mojo, another nice pub with retro rock [ in Brigade]. 3 hours of complete relaxation with 3 of my frends. After that it was a foot ball match ... although I was a spectator, still enjoyed. Saturday night was with "khichdi" prepared by Kamath [mota/dudu]. Then comes the Sunday morning .. another session of bakar... all nostalgia of college lives and a nice lunch with fish. I preapared the traditional assamese dish "moori-ghonta" [a dish prepared with Dal and the heads of Rohu Fish]. Another display of my spectecular cooking. Everybody questioned ... "How come Haloi prepare food so well... ??? .. welll I have only one answer..."Necessity is the mother of invention.." Then Sunday evening it was the farewell time .... I bid adios to all my frends and headed for Pune .... Really three dayz of Rock, Bakar, Masti and total fun !!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Black Tuesday... !!!

It was 26th of July... I got totally wet while coming to office as it was raining cats and dogs... as i sat in my cube with my piles of work.. I was totally unaware whats happening outside the world of bits and bytes.. At about 3pm we got a mail that there is flood like situation in Pune and everybody is asked to leave for home... I got very excited at this and headed for home at once ... My brother was driving the car and I was enjoying the high current of flood water through the window... Finally we reached our apartment... Bro asked me to have a test drive with the car inside the campus... Mind you guys.. I never ever drove a car before that ... So it was a maiden drive for me... I started off well... releasing the clutch gradually.. changing to 1st gear.. and was really very happy... But after a minute or so... I plunged the car into a deep accumulation of flood water in my campus... water was coming inside the car like anything and I was totally in panic.. Somehow brother managed to take out the car from the water... but till then my knee was under water.. while I was inside the car.. By God's grace .. the car engine was not afftected at all .. but we are still waiting for the inside of it to dry up. It turned out to be such a bad day for me... I drove a car for the 1st time and plunged it into a pool of flood water... My God ...!!! Really a Black Tuesday.. coz on the same day there was great devastation in all over Mumbai, Pune and other adjoining parts ...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Aurat ko ITEM kehte ho ???

This is one topic, on which I was thinking to write for a long time now. Its about something which I do when I go to theatres, malls or other hang out places. Ya this is something which I have christined as "Item Dekhna" or in common term.. Bird Watching... he he he.."Item ?", ya thats the way I call the beautiful, young and vibrant female crowds in Pune.. guys.. Puneri Items are simply mind blowing.. they are just too good. One of my friend once commented on me .."Aare Haloi, tum toh Pune mein rehke totaly suwar[pig] ban gaye ho... Aurat ko ITEM kehte ho???"... I think he was inspired by Irfan Khan in the movie Rog ... !!! But I keep doing my Item Watching .. I enjoy it yaar ... But as I watch items, I also keep categorising them... some of the categories which are worth mentioning are ::

SSD Items : Short, Slim and Dark Items [inspired by TDH for men]
Yummy Items : These are generally high class items, looks like models.. I compare them with my favorite food
Yuckky Items : These are just not worth watching .. but they posses the traits of a modern gal
Baccha Items : Items in their earley teens
Aunty Items : ........... ??? .........
Nurse Items : seen in hospitals... :-))

... and the list continues....

but one thing is common to all .... "WOW .. kya Item hai"... before I caregorise them.. and life is moving with all these mis-adventures. Readers are hearby warned, not to make any filthy comments on any of my Item category.. coz ITEMS are gifts of God...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Identity ...

Its been 5 years, since I left my home land ... North East India ... for building a career, for a better tomorrow or whatever... As days passed .. one thing is becoming more and more clear ... Its about the apathy of the so-called mainstream Indians towards people from the North East. I feel these mainstream Indians find bliss in ignorance about my birth place. When I tell people, I am from Shillong, some questions me with a raised eye-brow "where is it ?".. some asks .. is it the capital of nagaland or manipur.... others tell with a sarcastic smile .. "actually ... u cant remember about such far away places..." Once it happened in my professional life that one of my colleague [older than me].. asked .. "Is Shillong a part of China ?" ... some other day, another person asked me ... "Do u guys there, think u r a part of India?" These things are really disgusting and demoralising. I cant understand the attitude of these people... But one thing I can tell them with full confidence that.. may be we are poor, our standard of leaving is low, may be we dont have techie IT park, Pizza-Hut, McDonald, Pubs etc etc... but we are devoid of all the f**king evils which these main stream Indians possess... dowry, gender-biasing, communal feelings etc. I remember.. in Dec. '92, when the whole nation was burning with the fire of communal riots, we people from this part of India were leading normal lives. So, only thing I always want to tell all those privileged Indians... "Wake Up Dude, before its too late"... and I mean it.

Friday, July 8, 2005

show me the way ...

After completing 1 yr. of my professional life, I can draw a regular curve of my past 1 yr. A week looks like a circular buffer... Monday to Friday ... totally similar.. as though I am xeroxing one day and carrying its copies while going about with the flow of life. 'Weekend'.. much awaited for... specially between 1pm to 6 pm of a Friday afternoon.. but nothing special about it too... It has also lost its charm. I usually feel that I should do something to bring a new ambience to my fading zeal and enthu. I draw out many plans .. write open source software and post it in sourceforge or freshmeat; join some NGO and help needy people in Pune ... all types of bombastic ideas flourish in my mind. I have the will, but dont find the way... So how can I believe the saying "Where there is a will, there is a way"... I wish .. someone show me the way... par, kehna aasan hai, karna muskil hai ... still life is going on ...

Thursday, July 7, 2005


Whenever I visit places (in Pune) like Esquare, Pune Central etc. and I see beautiful crowds [of my opposite sex] mingling with nice people of my sex, I start feeling something different. When I can't figure out whats that feeling is.. my peers term it as my frustrations or desperations... !!! I have to admit coz they show my being single and no one to mingle as a point... I wonder .. what those guys have .. what I dont have ... for which they can mingle and are not single... Is it money ? Is it attitude ? Is it look ? Is it courage ? Is it Talent or Is it all of the above ... I dont have an answer .... And when I cant find answers to my question - Why not Me ???.. I simply put a tag to the whole thing as "JINA ISI KA NAAM HAI !!!"

My 1st Post

Hi folks!!!
This is Saurav... my parents, my bro and my relatives call me Jitu.. while others like my friends call me Haloi, Prima, Alloy ... Suddenly it emerged in my mind that I should have some space where I can post everything .. which cannot be done with my home page... Hence this blog.