Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is it really realistic?

I watched the much hyped and most awaited movie of the season - Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. But, honestly speaking I found nothing in the movie which was worth watching. And, I was left a bit disappointed after watching it. The lead actresses did some good job; Priyanka, Kangana and even new comer Mugdha was good. But, the storyline was something which was known to everyone. The drugs connection of fashion industry, catwalk to sidewalk story of former model Gitanjali Nagpal, wardrobe malfunction of model Carol Gracias, wide spread prevalence of gays in fashion world are something known to almost all urban Indian, or may be even to small towners. So, there was nothing new or anything realistic in it. That's what fashion industry is all about. The movie was all about some ramp events with a mediocre story. Some of the scenes like models taking endless puffs, drinking wine in backstage can be seen in a more realistic manner in FTV. All in all it must have been a wastage of Rs. 200 for multiplex audiences and a timepass of 2.5 hrs.

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