Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music Liveth Forever More...

I watched a movie named "The Boat that Rocked". Based on a radio station in the North Sea in 1960s. A radio station called Radio Rock that plays 24x7 Pop & Rock. Radio Rock's controversial on-air antics ruffled the feathers of a British Government minister, who left no stone unturned to pass a new law under which Radio Rock and its broadcasting becomes illegal. As the radio station was going off the air from the midnight of the 1st of January, this is something told by one of the DJs to its listeners...

To all our listeners,
this is what I have to say...God bless you all.

And as for you bastards in charge, don't dream it's over.
Years will come, years will go.. 

And politicians will do fuck all, to make the world a better place.

But all over the world...

Young men and young women will always dream dreams
and put those dreams into song.

Nothing important dies tonight.

Just a few ugly guys on a crappy ship.

The only sadness tonight is that,
in future years,

there'll be so many fantastic songs
that it will not be our privilege to play.

But, believe you me, they will still be written.
They will still be sung
and they will be the wonder of the world

Yes... no one can kill music ...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

plagiaristically similar...


Song: Paisa
OST: De Dana Dan [2009]
Music Director: Pritam

Song: Y'All Want a Single
Album: Take a Look in the Mirror [2004]
Original By : Korn

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my comments inline...

I liked the movie 3 Idiots, except for some craps like the child birth scene and all. I even loved the song "Give Me Some Sunshine", beautifully done by its makers. However, I somehow don't agree at all with the literal meaning of its lyrics. I don't know if I interpreted it rightly, but my comments are inline...

Saari umar hum
Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

[Myself] How do you actually define "Mar mar ke jee liye" ? If you mean that you were made to study subjects you never liked, I believe all students in India get a chance to select their choice of subjects after 10th Standard. If you were made to study subjects like history, geography, civics etc till 10th standard and you were actually interested in science and mathematics, that was for your good only. I think little knowledge of those things are necessary for overall development of a human being. Because later when you are grown up, you wont be able to corelate things in life. For Example, you dont have a basic knowledge of geography, I bet you wont understand the weather phenomenon. You did not learn civics, and now you dont know about the basic structure of our government and so on. You did learn English properly, dont know grammers and composition; will you be able to write a proper email or make a good presentations ? Think about it.

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again

[Myself] No body debar you from growing up intellectually. If you were pressurised to study or compete with your peers by your parents beyond your capability, you should have had a discussion with your parents regarding your problems and concerns. They are your parents, not your boss. Even bosses in corporate world look for the overall growth of their employees; so your parents would have definitely listen to you.

Kandhon ko kitabon
Ke bojh ne jhukaya
Rishvat dena to khud
Papa ne sikhaya
99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi

[Myself] About the loads of books, I understand the problem and I think all concerned schools have already taken up measures for this. As of me, I never had this problem. So, it wont make justice if I comment on it. As of giving bribes, no body teaches you to bribe people. You bribe people because you need a shortcut, or dont want to take the pain of standing in queues. As of bribing for getting government jobs and all other similar things, we have to collaborate among ourselves to end this evil. How many of us really give a thought on this ? We all have the "chalta hain" attitude and this is eating the morale of the countrymen like the termites. Again, its a bad things to bargain with your parents or guardians for material things in lieu of good marks in examinations.

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
Alpha, beta, gamma ka chaala
Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora
Poora bachpan jalaa daala

[Myself] Okay, it means you were interested in Literature but you were forced to go for science subjects. If you were so determined with your decisions why didn't you try to have a discussion with your parents. OK, you were unable to convince and you failed in 11th. Was it the end of the world ? Speak up your mind and change the stream. Your life is in your hand, atelast with the decisions you take in life. So, think about it and just do it. I am not trying to be a personality development teacher here, its just a commonsense dude.

Bachpan to gaya
Jawani bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do

Bachpan to gaya
Jawani bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do

[Myself] I was expected to be a doctor by my parents as my elder brother opted for engineering. But, I never wanted to be a doctor for my fear of blood and all. So, I spoke out my mind and even did not opt for biology as a subject. Although I am not a very successful person now, but atleast I don't carry that feeling that my "bachpan" and "jawani" got wasted.

Saari umar hum
Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again

[Myself] The whole of these lyrics signify the life of a coward and timid person to me. And, it was infact evident from the movie when the singer of this song ended his life. But Suraj Jagan (Ex vocalist of Chakraview, the legendary rock band of 90's) beautifully sang this song and the I loved the acoustic tune a lot too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

End of Terror Free Break...

So, perpetrators striked my city yesterday evening... German Bakery, an iconic hangout place in Koregaon Park known for the Osho Ashram, a number of food joints and homes of some of the richest people of the city, and a place frequented by foreigners. But is that the end of the ambiance of Koregaon Park or KP, as we name it ? Come on, give me a fucking break. History says, where there are civilised people, there are uncivilized ones. And often these uncivilized beasts are laggards who will try to pull behind the civilized ones by doing these types of heinous deeds of killing innocent people. Terrorism is something we have to live with it, and the people who preach terror, like the carriers of germs are something who will keep doing their filthy stuffs. And probably there is no vaccine for that. Lets bear the brunt of neighboring the beasts for 60 years now. And, we think of having aman ki aasha, having peace projects with them. What the Fuck? But I still think about those people who live here, eat here, drink here, but also provide logistics for carrying out such flagitious deeds ...  While the friends and families of the victims will have to live with the consequences forever, the incident will soon be forgotten. Probably we Indians believe in life goes on to such an extent that we end up feeding mutter-paneer to terrorist in jail and comforting him for more than a year now. Because we still follow the saying that "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", let the beasts bordering us make all of us blind. We wont retaliate. Lets do bilateral peace talks, hold peace projects, while they laugh at us. Shame on Us !!! We were safe for last 14 months... too long a time without a terror attack in India. And, we have it now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Songs for the Single

As I was surfing through the music channels in my idiot box, I saw a number of love songs collection albums being released for Valentine's Day. But has anyone thought about a musical album for the single or the uncoupled? So, I came up with such a list of songs:

  • Everybody Hurts (R.E.M)
  • Funeral of Hearts (HIM)
  • Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)
  • Love Bites (Def Leppard)
  • Whiskey In The Jar (Metallica)
  • She Hates Me (Puddle of Mud)
  • You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi)
  • Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe)
  • Tainted Love (Depeche Mode)
  • Love Hurts (Nazareth)
  • Used to Love Her (Guns 'N Roses)
  • Valentine's Day (Linkin Park)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Q" or Kyun ?

Whenever I stand in a queue waiting for my turn, a question always arises in my mind. "Why an average Indian don't respect the queue ?" I really don't know what goes in the mind of a person who never (or want to) respect the queue ? Is it a mere ignorance or a sign of arrogance ? Recently, I was standing in the queue of departmental store waiting for the billing, I saw a lady in her mid thirties with a kid suddenly breaking the queue and joining another queue. Another lady who was already in that queue protested, but this lady just replied that she saw no one when she came and started putting all her stuffs in the billing desk. The poor billing guy seemed helpless. I kept observing such incidents. Many times a polite remark of "Please Come in the Queue"  works, but sometimes not. Here is something for such "Breaking the Queue" type of people...

Do you feel more important than the people queuing in front of you?
-> Start having respect for others. Respect for one another let the world go. Even the planets in the solar system respects each other, just avoiding a collision.

Do you assume you are in a legitimate hurry whilst the other people on the queue may be in no rush at all?

-> If your are in real hurry and will miss your train and you have very few items to bill, just share it with the people ahead of you.

Do you assume your time is more precious than the next person’s?
-> Its high time that you rethink again.

Do you feel it is demeaning to wait in line for your turn?

-> You are wrong. Your respect for the queue and other people in the queue will show that you are a well mannered and well cultured person.  

We were once told in school by our Principal while queuing for something that the rule of thumb to maintain the queue is to remember who is infront of you. And, I still follow it. We should always know that its our behavior which ultimately is our identity. So stop behaving like "Kyun" [Why] when you are in a "Q" !!! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Save The Tigers

A recent census showed that there are only 1411 tigers left in our country. Our national animal is on the verge of extinction !!! Doesn't it mean that our glory is at stake ? Its our own greed and selfishness which has almost wiped out this animal from the face of the planet; so now its our responsibility to wake up and do something. I am not very optimistic that we will succeed, but here is a small try ... something to make people aware. I know no poachers will see this video, but may be just for my own mental satisfaction. At least I wont repent that I did not offer my 20 cents ...  I don't want to watch a movie called Tigris Park five years down the line based on a extinct creature called Tigers !!!

Endangered species, caged in fright
Shot in cold blood, no chance to fight
The stage is set, now pay the price
An ego boost, don't think twice
Technology, the battle's unfair
You pull the hammer without a care
Squeeze the trigger that makes you Man
Pseudo-safari, the hunt is canned...
The hunt is canned

All are gone, all but one
No contest, nowhere to run
No more left, only one
This is it, this is the Countdown to Extinction

Tell the truth, you wouldn't dare
The skin and trophy, oh so rare
Silence speaks louder than words
Ignore the guilt, and take your turn
Liars anagram is "lairs"
Man you were never even there
Killed a few feet from the cages
Point blank, you're so courageous...
So courageous

All are gone, all but one
No contest, nowhere to run
No more left, only one
This is it, this is the Countdown to Extinction

One hour from now,
another species of life form
will disappear off the face of the planet
forever...and the rate is accelerating

All are gone, all but one
No contest, nowhere to run
No more left, only one
This is it, this is the Countdown to Extinction