Monday, March 10, 2008

Loneliness of a different kind

These days I am getting too much emails with marriage invitations from my old friends, engineering days' friends and colleagues in my current company and in the previous one. And, I am getting deaf with the sounds of these wedding bells. It came to my mind that although, wedding is one of the most auspicious day in the lives of my buddies, but is it the day when we are losing the grip of our friendship ? Friendship among people, before marriage and after marriage is quite different. After marriage, the priorities change and what was essential once become a no no afterwards. As of instance, once my best buddy gets married, I have to think twice before I call him for a sip of beer in the pub which used to be our favorite haunt. It gives me a feel that indeed good old days are passing away and I am just left behind in the midst of the road, alone and solitary. If we think in a casual way, all these will look like craps, but a little more thinking just says that its true. Not only in my life, but its happening in every other's life. Someway or the other, a gulf is being developed among us, which used to be poorani jeans friendships. But, what does all these mean ? It means we are just rowing through the flow of life without much noticing that we have cross passed all those beautiful terrains where the waters of our life had once touched and rejuvenated us.