Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lets Take a Pledge

After the terror saga getting over, its now the estimation of the loss incurred upon us by the fucking neighbor of us. I have full trust on the Tatas that old glory of Taj will be revived and they will rebuild Taj inch by inch. But, its the loss of human lives which can never be regained. Only the bad memory will remain. Some very unfortunates lost their entire family in the whole episode.
2008 was a year which went very worng for all Indians. A blood bath was seen almost every month. But now Enough is Enough. Lets take a pledge at this hour to say no to our nasty politician to take advantage of these events and again divide us on basis of our religion and languages we speak. Where was Raj Thakerey? Where was Laloo Prasad? At the time of crisis ... Raj should have come and join the security personnels in protecting Mumbai from the terrorists, rather then protecting Mumbai from Biharis in the other wise peace time. Its getting unbearable now. Our mother-fucker neighbour let loose some rats plagued by Islamic Extremism to destroy the lives, property and harmony of our country. The irony of the fact is that these Islamic Rats get local support in our country from some other rats who have also got infected by this plague virus of Islamic Extremism / Jihad. This virus has entered the roots of the society to such an extent that its difficult to prevent it now. Only thing we can do is to carry on with our normal lives and show our ass to the evils. What can some misguided religious rats do ? Kill 100 ? Kill 1000 ? At most kill 10000 and blow up Twin Towers / Taj. But lets not fear. If we fear and get scared, these mother fuckers will get encouragement to do more nasty deeds.
Men is mortal. If not by terrorists , we will die one day any way by disease or accident or old age. So why fear ? Lets Live Life... Lets show the Holy Fuckers that their filty virus can't infect us and take its toll ? Lets take the pledge that we wont get scared, and live as normally as ever before but lets be cautious to make our society safe and secure.

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