Saturday, November 8, 2008

An addiction of different kind...

the techies call it Web 2.0, I call it a mere addiction. Look at me. I never used to write diary may be till 3 years ago. But today I am just addicted to writing blog. I can't stand it if my blog remain unattended even for a dew days. And Web has taken such a new look in last 2 years that life without web is just not thinkable. Even if we take the example of Orkut, the most widely used social networking site, it has gone through such a rapid change and each change is a new development. Today, even scraps took the form of a conversation. Seriously, web has given a totally different and new view to life. It has changed our mentality. Till some years back, people used to confine their feelings, thinking, beliefs and even emotions into pages of a small book, they call it personal diary. Yes, it was very much personal and reading such a diary without owner's approval was regarded as a crime. But today, people openly cry out loud, put forward views, feelings and even emotions through the web. Let it be blogger, wordpress or any other sites. Studies says that even youngsters are more prone to social networking, blogs. Web, which was once regarded as a easy access to the world of porn and was thought to be harmful for young people is no longer so. Life without web.... can't really think such a life.

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