Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013... just a few hours to go and as always I am penning down my thoughts for the year that was. For me the whole year was not better than a crappy one apart from a few good things. The best among all was my trip to Ladakh! (http://youtu.be/oXAk8RpmVU4) Some memories to be cherished for the rest of my life. The two weeks in the US was good as well.  Professionally the year was not good, but throughout the year I indulged in different aspects related to my profession and it was kinda enriching. But, I realized that I was little low on my productivity in 2013, which I have to really improve in the new year. Also, I feel that I have outgrown my cynical attitude towards life, job and people which I have to put an end at the earliest. Personally, the year was just the same; like it was last year, the year previous to that and so on. I growing older year after year is probably the only change. I watched 106 movies of different languages in the whole year (http://t.co/6utFMBqLaQ). I developed a new kind of fondness for serious movies, but ofcourse horror, disturbing and slasher movies are still my favorites. I blogged very less in the whole year which I really need to meliorate in 2014. Hmmm... apart from these contemplations, I really don't remember anything worth blogging on the last day of a (kinda) wasted year!

I really want to start the new year with lots of Umeedon wali dhoop, sunshine wali aasha! Amen...

Wishing all my readers A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year - 2014 !