Tuesday, February 20, 2007

idea of a perfect date !!!

sometimes I wonder about going on a date !!! well... I have not been luckier enuf till now to spend a nice evening in one of the most happening place with a member of the fairer sex... but it has not prevented me in fantasizing ... I think it should be nice lounge bar with beautiful crowds and soothing music ... I am very much particular about music though... Moderate rock should be good (with the impression that my most significant others also love rock). I can't expect heavy or death metal to be liked by a female. My date should be very beautiful, and should NOT be a borning one. She should acknowledge me even if I talk about SAN,NAS, Storage Arrays,Volume Manager !!! hehehe... I am sure a female will never feel bored with me (I am not very confident though). hmmmmm ..... enuf of day dreaming !!! back to work.... :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Rocking 14th February !!!

well.. 14th February has always been a day of celebration for me... as its my brother's birthday. but I never had celebrated it as a Valentine's Day !!! it all began with a random plan and I along with my friends landed up in one of the most happening lounge in Pune. The ambience of the place was too good. The music, the crowd, the edibles.. everything were just great... I was at the height of good mood and enthu, and so enjoyed every bit of the time ... what should I say about the girls .. my God.. everyone at their best attire which made me mumble "WOW"... another cool incident was that we ended up meeting brother of James Blunt (of "You're Beautiful fame"). Its very common for me to enjoy to the wildest manner whenever I go to such places... and people passing cool comments on my wild cries and screams... and last nite it was the phirangs who were sitting by our side ... in small, we had a gala nite ... it was very much refreshing to have a bash after a lapse of much time !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beauty and the Beast !!!

Recently, it happened to me that I saw a gang of fucking Dog Catchers of Pune Municipal Corporation .... I was shocked to see the cruelity and inhumanity of those guys while catching and dragging the poor dogs to the van ... I wish I had a good camera with me at that time ... I would surely catch those inhuman acts and publish it... As I was looking at those dogs who were confused and helpless ... one phrase came to my mind "Beauty and the Beast"... I could catch a glimpse of the dogs with my friend's mobile ..... Look at the cuties .... !!!