Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Idiot Box...

Although I spend 300 bucks every month for my DTH subscription, but I don't really get to see programs worth the money. Except for the Hindi and English movie channels and few news & info channels, all other channels sucks big time. VH1 is also deteriorating every passing day as they show more of Saturday Night Live and less of Music. MTV is completly Roadies TV now and [V] is Lola TV. MTV should be renamed as RTV. Hindi news channels are all craps and I can actually smell the shits when I am surfing through the channels. The Hindi entertainment channels are full of reality shows and sometimes I doubt how real the shows are. I must admit that the persons who participate in those shows are talented, but the judges are all craps. It makes me wonder how can Sonali Bendre or Rakhi Sawant can judge the music talents. Had the shows were realistic shows of item numbers or bare it all competitions, Rakhi would have been the right judge. Mann, she does not even know how to talk. And all these constitute the sorry state of Indian TV Industry or may be the bad taste of Indian audience. The TV has indeed become an idiot box.

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