Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waka Waka & Rainy Days

Posting after a long time. Was not finding anything to write on. Although I blog mostly just for the sake of blogging, but last few weeks did not find the sake also. Blame it on Waka Waka Soccer time or just at the cozy rainy days. Although not watching every matches, but watching some of them. I am planning to watch Katrina in Raajneeti for almost two weeks now, but still have not gone for it. Apathy or Multiplex Prices... I don't know. I am loving my professional life these days. Ah no, not that I am working on some bleeding edge stuffs, but just because lots of corporate lunches happening these days. And I love corporate lunches. Its free and I end up eating so much that I don't have to worry for the dinner on that day. I am full and I just skip it. Who says there is nothing like free lunch? Another blog post, just for the sake of blogging :-)