Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Musings

I love rainy season. Not because rain makes me feel romantic or something, but I like the gloomy kind of weather, and monsoon gives the perfect setting. I know for most people it appears depressing, but I just love it. My friend, who was my batch-mate at college has shifted to my city recently and last week when we met, it was after 8 long years! Hard to believe, but time have just flown without us realizing. We chatted about life, what others of our batch are doing and things which happened to us in all these years. In the course of the conversation, I happen to comment that when I look at the professional profiles of all my batch-mates, seniors or even juniors, it gives me a feeling that everyone is doing so good in their lives while I am just leading a constant, average life with not much accomplishments to boast about and there is none but I am only responsible for it. Because, I still haven't found out what I am good at and what I really want to do. My friend said a good thing on that context. Life should be measured in terms of distance covered, and not just point in time achievements or accomplishments. "Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin!" Lets see if I can do anything big in this half of it!
Someone rightly said that ignorance is bliss. The other day, I drove for more than a kilometer in a busy one-way and cursing all those who came in my way until I was told by a fellow car driver that I was driving in the wrong direction. God, I kinda panicked, but I was lucky not to get caught by a cop. When I was ignorant about the fact that the road was a one-way, I was lecturing about ethics which the other drivers lacked to block my way, but once I realized the truth, my euphoria made me freeze. This is true in many other spheres of life as well.
People say its okay to make mistakes, because we learn from our mistakes and it makes our life a journey of continuous learning. But sometimes mistakes can be very expensive. Few months back, I appeared for an interview with one of the big shots. The questions were not so tough per-Se, but I made some horrendous mistakes in my approach to solve the problems and I sucked badly. I don't know what I learnt from it, whether not to appear for interview without preparing hard or its okay to fail, but the opportunity was extremely lucrative and I lost it. An expensive mistake indeed. Those days, I went to another interview for a company of which I got a call through one of the professional networking site. The job details did not mentioned anything about the work profile and skill-sets required, but something bombastic stuffs in a metaphorical way! Like we are a startup, we do things differently... baghera, baghera. After attempting the written round, I was made to wait for around 1.5 hrs because the next round was scheduled with their CEO and he was very busy. Ironically, the big CEO talked just for 5-10 minutes after all those waiting. In between, another guy called me and looked at my resume, and said my profile don't really align with their requirements. WTF! I assumed I was called onsite only after my resume was screened. An utter wastage of 3-4 hrs and 2-3 litres of fuel for travel! Holy Shit... At least I learned something from this incident. Never go for random interviews, specially when the company writes lofty stuffs in the job details instead about the job itself. I keep getting emails with job postings and today I happen to read another job posting of the same company. It says that the position they have is not for someone who have worked for 10+ years in a 10,000+ peoples organization because they don't have the bandwidth to make unlearn all those unwanted things one inadvertently learned in those years of experience; keeping Google as an exception! WTF again!!! I never read such a rude job posting in my life. Anyways, its a free country, anybody can express, write anything they like. Also, there is a bad trend going on where just anyone arbit says that we are a startup, we have a high paced work environment unlike the biggies; if you are a geek, then only join us. Dude, give me a break! A good programmer don't need to forget to eat, drink or pee to write amazing piece of code. Geeks don't have special attributes in their look. If you think people with long beards like Richard Stallman is a geek,  a clean shaven Bill Gates is also a geek. Anyways... Nevermind!