Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such a Joke !!!

India is a seriously a land of wonder. Here everything what happens around seems like a big joke. Another such joke was Aishwarya Rai & Akshay Kumar being conferred with the highest civilian award of the nation in this year's Republic Day - the Padma Shri award. When I first watched the news in TV, I was astonished to some extent. But, later I could realize that this is India. Here, kuch bhi ho sakta hain !!! But, I am still thinking the reasons or the contributions of those two celebrities for getting such an award. This is too much of a joke. If the award was on the basis of paying the highest Income Tax among all bollywood icons or on the basis of taking exemption from Income Tax showing invalid NRI status; then its ok. Otherwise, what the f**k ? The jury members must be out of their mind while shortlisting them or there is something seriously fishy. If Aishwaraya or Akshay can get such awards, then there are hell lot of other people who can be given such an award. Infact, I, myself should get Padma Shri. Because, there is no reason behind such awards. It clearly states the futility of such awards. Holy Shit !!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Melody at its best...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Presleys from Patna

now thats what I call a country song of India ...

from, Dev.D, an upcoming romantic drama film written and directed by Anurag Kashyap as a modern day take on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's classic novel Devdas.

Height of Positive Thinking !!!

Few years back, may be in 2003, I watched Rahul Bose's Mumbai Matinee. Infact that was the 1st movie I watched in a multiplex paying 90 bucks for a ticket. Mumbai Matinee is a light comedy and feel good movie about a 32 year old virgin man (played by Rahul Bose), desperately seeking to lose his virginity. And in the way of doing so he suffers from a hell lot of trouble but in the end he gets a hot babe (played by Parizad Zorabia) as his life partner. Going in the same line of thought, let me think myself as a 26 year old virgin, but ofcourse not as desperate as Rahul Bose was !!! But, does anybody in this world dies virgin ? I believe, a person should be blessed a ton to die a virgin. Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all. told by none other than Kurt Cobain (vocalist & founder of American grunge rock band Nirvana) And, thats what I call the height of positive thinking for a virgin like me ... Be +ve yaar... !!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

a feel good feeling

I enjoy shopping. It really gives me a lot of satisfaction and relaxation. And, 50% off Happiness Sale kind of shopping is like WOW. But, the crowd and the rush in the malls during those times really betrays me. The commotion takes away all the pleasures of shopping. Today, as I was waiting in the queue of such a shopping festival to pay my shopping bills in one of my favorite malls in town, I found a different reason to feel good. As the counter guy was scanning the barcodes and people were paying their bills, I was thinking the backbone of the whole electronic system was powered by the softwares written by my company. Be it the storage virtualization software, or the file-system, or the clustering solution behind it; its something on which I have contributed something. I was wondering how the data was going over the wire to a backend database, sitting on top of a file system and volume manager and how a cluster of nodes was responsible to make the whole system highly available. A feel good feeling rush through my body and mind and I end up looking at other shopping cravy people with a feeling of pride !!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Dog & It's Day

As the saying goes... Every Dog Has It's Day, which means that everyone is successful during some period in their life. But looking at the absolute meaning, Dogs indeed have one day in their lives in Nepal.
Kukur Tihar - "Dogs Day" is a festival in Nepal when dogs are worshiped, fed and given a VIP treatment. A dog plays many roles in our society. We have dogs in our houses as guardian of the house. As the legend also says, according to the Hindu scripture, the Mahabharat, dogs accompanied Dharmaraj Yudhisthir on his journey to heaven and that there is a dog at Yama's gate guarding the gate to the underworld. The dog is also the steed of the fearful Bhairab, the god of destruction. So on this day a big red tika is put on a dog's forehead and a beautiful garland around the neck. After worshipping the dog, it is given very delicious meal. This day the saying 'every dog has his day' comes true; for even a stray dog is looked upon with respect. Nepalese pray to the dog to guard their house as he guards the gate of the underworld and to divert destruction away from their homes.
Everyone indeed has it's own Day...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

got to watch this much acclaimed movie - Slumdog Millionaire. And I loved it. A movie which is the reflection of a true India. I don't know if I am right, but I can relate Arvind Adiga's White Tiger and this movie. The plot of the movie is just too good. A run for true love is shown through the various phases of life of a young boy.

Children Playing Cricket in the Runaway of Airport :: It happens only in India

Village School Teacher teaching Three Musketeers :: A true picture of schools in India

Communal Riot :: Politically inflicted religious conflicts, an Indian identity

Riot Victims to Rag Pickers to Beggars to Gangsters :: Go to any Metro to see the reality

Call Centers :: India Shining

Who wants to be a millionaire :: TV Shows & Cricket Matches can put the country in a standstill

Police Station & Third Degrees :: Another Brick in the wall

VT Station & Reunion :: Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is India depicted through silver screen. A Must Watch !!!


Happy New Year - 2009

1st post of the new year - 2009. I wish that everything is fine in this year. All I want is a cool and calm year. With that thing in mind, probably I celebrated a very quiet and silent New Year's Eve. The night of 31st December was just an usual day for me. As any other day, I had my dinner at the office cafeteria and reached home late. Watched a movie to keep me awake till 12:00 AM. This was the quietest New Year Celebration I ever had, as I remember. Hope this 2009 be a very normal year for me and everyone around me. If not prosperous and very joyous, let it be just a normal year ahead.