Monday, April 27, 2009

what a shot !!!

"The fast has come to an end in view of the fact that the Sri Lankan government has announced an end to the war," said Karunanidhi.

and Tamil Refugees in Sri Lanka lived happily ever after...

Being a bachelor has often compelled me to starve myself. Sometimes I feel too bored to cook, or sometimes I feel too bored to eat also. So, I call off my lunch, dinner plan and pleasantly pass 6 - 7 hrs. Half a day fasting was never tough for me. But ironically, my fasting has never helped anyone. In fact, the cockroaches in my kitchen gets angry, as they don't find anything in the thrash can. But, 6 hours of fasting by Tamil Nadu CM has compelled Sri Lankan govt. to call off war against LTTE. You wake up at 6 AM in the morning, skip your break fast and have lunch at 12:00 PM. And you are done with your fasting. Sounds Interesting. Events like this may not do anything good but can collect a huge amount of votes in the election time. Seriously, what a shot !!!

201st Post

writing my 201st post. 4 years of blogging... 200 posts ... not a bad count at all. Intially, I used to blog, because I loved to blog. Now a days I blog because if I am not blogging for a few weeks, I feel my blog has gone stale. Anyways... But life has not changed much in all these years. In some cases, it has gone worst. Life is going very slow and boring for past few months. A vacation gave pleasure for few weeks, but after that, its still the same old life. People says, take a break... a change is necessary. But, I believe, its great only for the days you are off. Once you come back, you are back to square one. Statutory Warning: Feeling bored in recession time can be fatal. Whatever, life is full of boredom. To overcome my boredom, I was trying to find out what the mental state is called when one don't find anything interesting, everything appears too ho-hum. May be it will kill some of my boredom. I am just beating about the bush. But, seriously, I am bored with life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The SUN Sets...

Nothing is permanent in this world. On April 20th - 2009, we saw the end of a 25+ years of innovation. People says the SUN finally sets. I, personally was a great admirer of this company. And, even without the name, I will continue to do so. SUN Microsystems gave some of most innovative technologies to the world of computing. Solaris, Ultra SPARC, JAVA, NFS, ZFS, Open Storage, Open Solaris ... and the list goes on and on... SUN was a pioneer in technology, but something went wrong in their strategies, while presenting those technologies to the world. Its a known fact that SUN gave birth to Java, but companies like IBM and Oracle made the most money out of it. But, if its a bad news that SUN has ceased to exist now, but the good news is that atleast IBM didnot buy it. Hopefully, Oracle can maintain the pace of SUN's immovation. But, one question gives me real nightmare ... MySQL.. what now ? Is it doomed ? Although Oracle's Database and MySQL fall into completely different markets, will Oracle nurture the growth of MySQL ? MySQL is such an amazing piece of software that no one will like to see its doom day ... But nobody knows what is it store for future !!! Computer and IT industry is fast contracting from last few years, the bigger amoeba is growing in size and smaller ones disappearing ... Everything is fair and fine in the game of money and power... But, none gives a damn to the emotions and feelings of an employee or user, which gets terribly hurt by these acquisitions...

Friday, April 17, 2009


A Terrorist ? Or, A Celebrity ?

We have a new celebrity in the country these days. Azmal Kasab... the lone captured terrorist of 26/11. After killing 3 prominent cops of Maharashtra Anti Terroist Squad, few other policemen and an uncounted number of civilians in CST, this mother f**ker is a celebrity now. India is giving a fair trail to him, arranging lawyers, VIP security and what not !!! All with tax payer's money. Media is flashing his news all day long, making it too difficult to digest those dire facts. A man who was caught red handed after he killed so many people, and our country is showing respect to human rights by giving him a fair trial. Cut the Crap mann. Pakistan will keep raping our country till we start giving Pakistan replies in the language it understands. Instead of doing that, the leaders of my country goes to America and cries for help.. Obama... Obama... And those shameless leaders now asks for vote. Holy Shitt...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jai Ho - You Are My Destiny

AR Rahman with Pussy Cat Dolls Feat. Nicole Scherzinger

AR Rahman ft. Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah & Mahalaxmi Iyer

Sippin' in the Summer Sun

Back to blogging after many weeks. Its the summer time. Mercury is soaring at 40 degrees and the the environment around is even hotter with Election '09 fever. BJP is promising Ram Rajya, Congress wants support for another 5 years. Some other are publishing their manifesto with grudge against computers, mechanized farming and English education and some doing their usual blame games. But, till now I have not heard anyone promising 24x7 water and electricity, safety & security to life and property, job opportunities, better roads and communication. Basic necessities of life will be as usual missing. Election means nothing but again some Dhoti-Kurta morons or criminals securing their lives for another 5 years. This election will be proved again as another brick in the wall. Sounds pessimistic, but true. I am busy with my usual life, unforseen problems and in the end life is just passing by. I am in a foot ball ground along with 21 other odd players, but I can't see the goal keeper or the goal post. But, everyday I am just running behind a stupid ball, kicking it, passing it ... and its just going on ... and on ...