Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dude's Day Out !!!

It was the weekend with the Independence Day holiday.. I was in Bangalore. I reached along with one of my frend on the Thursday Night [11th August]. After months of keeping distance, I finally met all my college gang there ... probably one of the best weekend i have ever had. Friday moring and afternoon was spent @ my cousin sister's place. She treated me with all sorts of cooked food... rohu fish, chicken, homely dal... Had the opportunity to have a nice homely meal after so many months ,, I guess !!! Friday Night was a rocking one at Purple Haze [nice pub @ Residency Road]. Awesome music and crowd. Enjoyed to the hearts content. Saturday moring, I prepared roasted pork for my frends... and they were bewildered at my cooking skills. Then went to Forum [the much hyped mall in B'lore]. Babes were good... but not comparable to Puneri chicks. Saturday evening was again @ Mojo, another nice pub with retro rock [ in Brigade]. 3 hours of complete relaxation with 3 of my frends. After that it was a foot ball match ... although I was a spectator, still enjoyed. Saturday night was with "khichdi" prepared by Kamath [mota/dudu]. Then comes the Sunday morning .. another session of bakar... all nostalgia of college lives and a nice lunch with fish. I preapared the traditional assamese dish "moori-ghonta" [a dish prepared with Dal and the heads of Rohu Fish]. Another display of my spectecular cooking. Everybody questioned ... "How come Haloi prepare food so well... ??? .. welll I have only one answer..."Necessity is the mother of invention.." Then Sunday evening it was the farewell time .... I bid adios to all my frends and headed for Pune .... Really three dayz of Rock, Bakar, Masti and total fun !!!