Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some rememberings...

As I was loitering down memory lane, I recollected my days as a student during '97 - '00 days. These four years were crucial for me and for what I am today. Those days, the SSLC (10th Board) Exam constituted the syllabus of 9th as well as 10th class. So preparation for 10th Board actually started from beginning of 9th class itself. These days the as aspirants are relived of such a huge syllabus. I was a very studious guy, studying all the time. I believe I used to study on average 7-8 hrs everyday. This increased to 12-14 hrs. during the preparation leave days. I remember few days when I had a record of 16 hrs. study in a day. But, studying was not always magging. It was a very constructive study. The same style continued in my 10+2 also. I know, what I am today is not because of me being intelligent or of high caliber. All was because of hard work, constructive use of time and of course devotion & dedication. I still believe that 3 D's in life can overcome any hurdles. Determination, Dedication and Devotion. My Dad, My Mom and My Bro... three greatest blessings for me. Mann, I still think how my dad could manage to give a good life with proper education to me and my bro just with single digit salary. Hats Off to you Mom and Dad. I want parents like you in my next life and all the lives I get down the line.

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