Thursday, June 26, 2008


These days I am reading Paulo Coelho's new offering to the world (In English). Its called Brida. This was the 3rd novel by him after The Alchemist and released in Brazil in 1990. The book is about a young girl Brida in the city of Dublin, her quest for knowledge, wisdom and her journey in bridging the visible and the invisible world. Just finished 85 pages or so and I loved it. A girl, who is enthusiastic in learning magic to find out the supreme truths of life and as she seeks her destiny, how she balances between her normal life, relationships and her urge to transform herself. In between the pages I read so far, I found a sentence too much soothing and inspiring. It says...

"Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong... Even the clock which has stopped working shows correct time twice a day..."

I can feel the gravity of this sentence, and for all these Paulo Coelho is my one of the most favorite author. He writes in such a philosophical genre that even the obvious stuffs look so spiritual, so inspiring. Lets see, what Brida has in store for me.

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