Friday, June 27, 2008

Lack of Originality or just inspired by ?

Recently, I got a mail about Bollywood music director Pritam's list of copied songs. It seems like he has never composed music himself till date but copied or got inspired by music from all over the world. And to the irony, this guy has won many awards for his copied music. If you see the list, you can conclude this moron is the baap of Anu Malik, who was once famous for copying music. And, people like Pritam comes for judging talents in the reality shows in Indian TV channels. Mann, this is totally unacceptable. But, looking at the positive side of this, probably we can say that Music is a universal religion, so just spread it. Be it in Hindi Language or in Korean Language. But the only ill effects of this, as I see is, atleast Pritam should acknowledge the original artist. Whatever, as long as I get to listen to some good soothing music, I have no issues about who composed it 1st and who copied it.

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