Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cut that Crap !!!

Pune Mirror posted a news item in its 26th June - '08 edition about some so-called obscene/vulgar or not-acceptable pictures of some girl students of Symbiosis, Pune (I am not sure about it) been posted in the internet. The newspaper has put this news item it's 1st page by blurring all the objectionable positions or body parts. Thats the sorry state of Indian media. Anyways, I don't have any problems with that as long as Pune Mirror keeps coming free of cost with TOI. However, in the news item, the newspaper has reported as some senior student of Symbiosis, Pune quoting on anonymity that these types of obscenity are common in Symbiosis Hostels and are mostly done by students from the North East India. Now, who is that anonymous moron ? I have seen those pictures in the internet and nowhere those girls look like they belong to the North East. So, how the f**k can he generalize it ? I am born and brought-up in the North East of India and I know low-waist jeans or cleavage baring t-shirts will come as a shock for the main stream India. Mann, look at it from the style factor, you won't get an erection and you will never feel frustrated or desperate. Dude, calling yourself as a pass out from such a premier institute like Symbiosis, and make such types of double standard comments !!! Cut that crap and try to grow up. Think twice before making such comments to the media. Take it as a mere advice or suggestion.

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1 comment:

shilpahak said...

this is something I could never understand myself..We indians take pride in blesphamising our own..and make all kinds of stereotypes..So punjabis are mean,Gujjus are cheap,north-easterns are charachterless and kashmiris are terrorists...who is left then? I really don't know when we would all Grow up ..and stop making our own notions about a community as a whole