Friday, June 6, 2008


Some recent developments in the recent times are actually forcing me to denounce a part of my professional as well as personal life from Nov. 2005 to Feb. 2008. If I think about those parts of life in this period of time, I wish I could wipe it off from the calendar. The phrase Past Is Gone is probably the only relief. If I don't think about the shock and trauma, I can only say that some people are not good at anything. If they are not being good, they are also not expert in being bad. These people are like parasites, blood suckers. Wherever they go, they carry diseases. With all these words, I am not trying to be a moral cop; but yes ... in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holi Spirit, I denounce this shit. Filthy people like this have no right to betray other's trust, faith... whom they call friends. For personal pleasures (physical or any other) or profit, these f**king people are ready to ruin any body's life. Be it for getting good perks in professional life or for getting daily tasks done or for just grabbing opportunities, they are at the forefront of screwing others. Another aspect is the trouble other people face by their deeds. Putting more stress on the view that "some people are not good at anything", I will say, if you are doing something do in the right spirit. Doing something might mean writing a piece of code to doing something for the entertainment industry. Holy Shit !!!

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