Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Days were clear, I was blind ...

Note:: All characters and incidents in this post are real. Any resemblance to a person or people is purely intentional.

...people says I am a pessimist. I believed I was a pessimist. Then why did I use to see flowers even in a cradle of filth ? Probably I was too good to see dark sides of people or I was a mere chutiya. Not able to identify the actual image of someone at the right time actually screwed me for sometime. And the consequences were trust and faith getting betrayed, waste of valuable metabolic as well as natural energy, and more than all these are repentances I would face. Why was I so good ? This question will haunt me for sometime now and I will surely get nightmares. God, I know that you are aware that I am not religious but I am not an atheist also. Today, I curse you. I am asking you why do you make people so filthy and so scuzzy ? Even if you make such people, why do you send them to live with good people ? To teach us a lesson or what ... ??? Is it a joke for you to see the consequences people like me face because of being good to people? But, you know something... you have no right to do so. But there is no use blaming you. You have given me a brain to think. And I did not make use of it. Although the days were clear, I was a subterfuge. I feel so yucky, so rueful... mind is filled with remorse and regret. I wish I could realize some time back ...

"lifes just a blast,
its movin really fast
better stay on top
or life will kick you in the ass "

And, I wanna dedicate the following few lines to the real characters involved in this post...

"aare ruk ja re bandhe
aare thum ja re bandhe
ki kudrat has padegi ho..."

Kab tak dusro ke g***d maroge? Stop Now... Enough is Enough.

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