Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend in Mumbai ...

I went to Mumbai this Friday, to meet two of my old friends; friends of my sweet old engineering days. It was just a sudden plan that I made to go there. I left for Mumbai at around 6pm on Friday evening, to spend 2 days of the weekend there. I reached one of my friends' house at around 11pm... thanks to the traffic jams. He had already cooked dinner for me, so after dinner, we sat and started talking about all our best days in college and life after that. I went to meet him after around one year. He is staying with some of his colleagues, and the disordered state of his apartment made me recollect about my hostel life , and I was left with nostalgia. Next morning, the other friend who is perusing his higher studies in IIT Bombay, joined us. We roamed around in the streets of South Mumbai, went to Gateway of India, relaxed in the Marine Drive, in between watched a movie, had delicious lunch and dinner in 2 of the nicest resturents in Church Gate. Saturday night we went to IIT Hostel, and spent our night there. Sunday morning as usual, woke up late, then had breakfast in the hostel. Every bit of these made me recollect the student life. If given a chance, I want to go back to those days. Then, we went to a shopping malls, spent some time there, did some shopping and I finally left for Pune on Sunday Evening. It was a refreshing weekend after a long time. As I was coming back, I was thinking that friends we make in our hostel lives are somewhat different. They accept you the way you are. We don't have to do carry any makeup smile with them when we are sad or unhappy. Just be the way we are. Probably, during those 4 yrs, we were each others' parents, relatives, siblings, and we end up developing these traits. Although, time fades away everything, but some moments are to be cherished forever. Work and some baseless deeds cum thinking had taken away lot of my vital energy during the past few months. But, I feel relaxed now.

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1 comment:

zoxcleb said...

wow.. ur descriptions of south bbay got me really nostalgic... glad u had a fun time at "home" :-)