Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Symbol of Love or Ego ???

These days, whenever I switch on my FM tuner or check out TV channels, I see a mass propaganda to vote for TAJMAHAL to make it into the list of 7 wonders of the world. I keep getting forwarded mails from my peers about the same thing. I see celebrity figures telling that if 1+ billion Indians can't make Tajmahal into the 7 wonders of the world by voting for it, it will be a disgrace for all of us. All these hue and cry make me question What The F**K ??? If its a matter of just voting and making it into the 7 wonders, then Tajmahal will be in the 2nd slot, next to The Great Wall of China, as India has the 2nd highest populations in the world. When it comes to my view point, Tajmahal should be into the 7 wonders list w.r.t the architectural design, its flawless beauty needs no second thought. But, If I have to vote for it as a symbol of love, my answer will be BIG NO. Let me ask a frank question to everyone who calls it a symbol of love. When the hands of the workers who worked so hard to built Tajmahal is chopped off, where the hell people find love in it ? Its just the memorial for a departed soul. No love involved. Just a show off for Ego, Money & Power.

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