Sunday, July 8, 2007

All these Three Years ... ( Part - IV )

My friends helped me to the extreme limit, so that I can take off with my new life in a smoother way. Take it in the case of my initial days of learning to drive the car or just to overcome the silence at home when I come back from office. I started developing some new affection, experienced a different way in which my heart beat. In between, we went to Goa, which seems to be memorable trip in my life. The most important development after December 2006, will be that I left chatting completely and instead developed a new habit of writing blogs. I started looking at myself in a more deeper way, started talking to myself. I never found anything good in myself. My blogs during this time explains everything. I learnt that I dont know how to handle things in life, take everything from heart, and injure myself. All my bad traits like working in impulse, getting irritated frequently and most importantly thinking too much in matters which need no thinking became so apparent that even my friends started observing these. My longing and thriving for someone to love me increased. I am always blessed with parental love and sibling love, but the type of love which I am craving for, I also can't explain. And thats how I am living now. Living everyday as a new day, as though tomorrow never comes. I am learning to live. Probably, in this new experiment I will never succeed, but I am finding bliss in it. Lemme see what happens.

We're all mere pawns
In the hands of fate
And when things go wrong
They will, at any rate
All we can do is, just wait
For Mr. Fate to become our mate.

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Sandeep said...

Mera jeevan kora kaagaz....