Sunday, July 8, 2007

All these Three Years ... ( Part - I )

I started my career on 1st July, 2004 by joining TATA Consultancy Services (TCS). Initial 50 days of training was done in TCS, Trivandrum and then I joined TATA Research Development and Design Center in Pune. I landed up in this city on 20th August, 2004. I rented a 1BHK flat just near to my office. I had nothing with me except for my clothes, one mattress, one pillow, 3 books, one table (given by the landlord), one bucket, one mug, and one big bucket again given by the landlord to store water, as the water used to come on fixed timing that too just twice in 24 hrs. I had just one companion in my flat and that was my Nokia 2300, I bought with my 1st salary. Radio Mirchi was my only source of entertainment when I was in my flat. So, there was no personal life as such. I arranged my dinner with one aunty in just 15 bucks per meal. I used to walk to my office, stay till 9-10 PM at night although I didn't have any work at office and used to go to office 7 days a week. Some times in the weekend, I along with one of my colleague used to go to MG Road, pass some time, have dinner there and come back. This life continued till mid-October 2004. My brother returned from France and joined Veritas Software in Pune. We changed our flat to a posh area, I started a new life in the cradle of my brother. Now we have furnitures in our house, we have a TV with cable connection, we cook our own dinner. So, life became more organized and structured. I got my college days' PC from home and so there was no dearth of relaxation any more. I continued working in TCS, but I never go to office on weekends. This was Episode One.

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