Sunday, July 8, 2007

All these Three Years ... ( Part - III )

I became a voracious chatter in yahoo towards January 2006, and looking at my state, my brother took broadband connection at home. So, I don't have to come to office in weekends. My friendships with four office friends increased and we started having frequent eat outs. My brother also had a car by this time, we shifted to a row house near NH-4. So, two of us used to go for long rides and all. But Filipino girls reigned supreme in my lives those days. It was so extreme in some cases that I used to leave early from office, come home and chat. Also durng this time, my professional friends became my personal friends. This life continued and continued till December 2006. In between these days, in October 2006 we moved to the new flat bought by my brother and in November 2006, he got married. Later in December 2006 , bro and sis-in-law moved to US of A and I left alone in Pune. Living together for 2 long years, and suddenly I was alone. Initially, it was not very easy to start off with a solitary life, but I managed. That was Episode Three.

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