Sunday, July 8, 2007

All these Three Years ... ( Part - II )

In January 2005, two of my college friends joined jobs in Pune. So, the vacancy of having friends who knows me better than I do is filled up. And we started with our college days' life, this time ofcourse not in a college campus but among ourselves. My weekends' were mostly spent in my friends' flat and with all chaotic deeds. Waking up at 7AM on a Sunday morning, go to eSquare for the morning show (as it was as cheap as 40 bucks), have lunch somewhere, come back to room, sleep till evening, then go to FC Road or JM Road, do bird watching, sit in some "tapri" with chai and sutta (I dont smoke), have dinner in mostly road side Chinese resturent and finally come home. Next morning is a Monday morning and I had to catch the office bus as early as 8AM. This continued till September 2005. In between these period, I switch my job from TCS to Veritas on 9th May, 2005. I didn't have much time for my brother, but my brother was not lonely as well, he had his love who also used to work in Pune itself. Sometime in September, 2005 my friends left Pune for greener pastures. So, there was no more chaotic weekends after that. I used to be at home watching TV, sleeping. I also didn't go out with my brother frequently. We didn't have broadband those days, so I started coming to office on weekends, just to serf the net and chat. I developed friendships with some girls of Philippines and my weekends started passing off with just yahoo messenger. Towards December, 2005 my acquaintances with my colleagues in Veritas increased and 5 of us became more than just colleagues. That was Episode Two.

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