Sunday, April 1, 2007

Politics in the name of Morality !!!

some months ago it was AXN and now its FTV. FTV has gone off the air for telecasting some so called programmes "not suitable for Indian viewers". Some dhoti-kurta morons will decide what we should watch and what we shouldn't. And thats democracy.. 2nd largest democracy in the world !!! Looking at these I sometimes smell the rat. India going in the taliban way ... or in the misinterpreted Islamic way.. I dont know what these moral-cops think ? FTV or AXN are not XXX or porno channels. They telecast the genre of programmes they are meant for !!! Comeon, FTV can't telecast some bhajan-kirtan or some holy baba teaching yoga to people. AXN cant show the battle of Kurukshetra because its an action channel. Our fucking govenment or whatever name you give them just want to divert our mind from the real problems our country is facing today by doing these types of shitty works. And who suffers ?? People like us. I feel, Indian people are the most hypocrite people in this world.

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