Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mr. Myself .... answer me ... NOW !!!

...sometimes I feel blogging is meant for idle people. Take my case, I usually sit idle in my room in the weekends or weekdays after I come from work... and those idle times give birth to some stupid posts in my blog. I appear to be so philosophical, emotional, sentimental, easier to break through my blog. I talk about problems in life and what not. I am trying to discover myself. After much thinking, I gathered some anecdotial points about myself..

  • My mood always follow a sine curve. If I am at the happiest of my mood, in the next fraction of time... I might fell down. Its ofcourse not accidental. Some reasons are always there, however foolish they may be.
  • I can't bear the pain, tears of my near and dear ones. I just can't resist it.
Hold On... my mood has changed just now and it says why writing these type of philosophical shits... If you are so bored ... go and listen to some Heavy-Death metal ....

I say ... Mr. Myself ... you are spared today, but I will come again to you ... to know more about me... Closing this post now !!!

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