Saturday, March 24, 2007

If ASS could speak !!!

it has happened to me very frequently that people whom u approach for some services always turns u down. Let it be the Gas Agency people, plumbers, electricians... some times even the shopkeepers .... Take for an instance, I book a LPG cylinder with the local gas agency, they will assure me that it will get delivered at my doorstep. I wait for them, and when waiting becomes a pain, I call them up, they will tell me by EOD the cylinder will be delivered. When waiting turns into frustration, I take the empty cylinder with me and go to the agency to take the refill by myself, but... but ... I get turned down with a simple answer that "they dont have stocks with them ...." this is totally ridiculous.... I end up wasting my whole day of a weekend waiting for some morons... I feel these people dont have mouth but they have TWO ASSES... one for the real shitts and other one to speak shitts ... this is just an instance ... I have encountered many other situations where I had to face these types of oral shitts ... and this has become a habit to accept shitts !!!

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berin said...

Good one!!!!!!