Friday, April 6, 2007

If I were a good guy !!!

many times I have found that my personal as well as professional acquaintances feels that I am not at all a good guy. I am arrogant, I get irritated easily, I don't care for his/her feelings and what not !!! But when I ask these questions to myself, I feel that they are wrong... totally wrong. I usually try my best that other people should not get hurt by my actions or deeds. But there are times when you yourself feel disturbed because things are not going in your way or some other reasons. My personal disturbances get reflected in my deeds and other people might feel bad. Does it really mean that I am bad ? NO. A big NO. After all, we should try to love ourselves before we love others. And the moments when I don't love myself, than there is no point in loving or caring for others. After all life goes on. We should first live our life for ourselves, others come second... And when these types of feeling come to my mind, I have only one answer... Who Cares ??? Relationship is the most fragile thing in the world. There are better things to do in our short lives.

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Monalisa said...

yah saurav ... u r 100% correct, u cannot be WRONG !! u are a bad guy, u never keep upto the expectations of others ... but who cares !!! ppl leave for themselves ... so, niether do we care even, wht u feel and wht u dont feel, nor do u care for us ... be happy in life in whtever way u can .. :)

shilpahak said...

It is certainly right not to care about what others think of you if you know what you are doing ...but it somehow is not right to get irritated on others if u are feeling bad/frustrated...its like having them bear the brunt of your feelings...sometimes it becomes imperative to keep our irritation to ourselves..or maybe have a talk with ourselves as to why are we doing it ?

saurav said...

well.. may be both of you are correct. I am such a confused creature that sometimes I become emotional/sentimental for someone/something and later when I deeply think about it, I feel its all vague and immoral.