Friday, April 6, 2007

... in my bed-room, by my bed-side !!!

For the past few days, the temperature of Pune has soared like anything. The mercury has touched 40 degrees and its still rising. And unfortunately, I don't have an air-conditioner in my room and sleeping in the night has become a nightmare for me. I remember, in the past I used to keep a mug of water by my bed-side and I will pour some water in my bed, so as to cool myself off. But these days I have found a better version of it. I have an old empty bottle of "colin" ... the good old glass-cleaner. I fill this up with water and this has proved to act as a panacea for me. A remedy for the heat of the night. I spray the water all over my body, towards the rotating fan (from which the water comes down to me like rain)... and the proven scientific theory "Evaporation Causes Cooling !!!" rescues me... Yahoooo.. I atleast found a solution for my sleepless nights.

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