Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Year Which Went Wrong ...

October, November & December are the the most lively months of a year, particularly in this part of the world. Dussera, Id, Diwali, Christmas and finally New Year. More than one reason to feel happy and enjoy to heart's content. But, this year... I was just wondering, where is all the fun and enthusiasm !!! Recession, Market Crash, Lay Offs, Inflation, Ethnic Violence are something which are ruling everyday lives of people. There is no exuberance to celebrate. Although, I usally see the dark sides of something more than its lighter sides, but I guess I am not at all exaggerating by saying that something is missing this festive season. Although, we celebrate all these occasions to forget the pains of life, but 2008 was a year which went wrong and will leave the scar in everyones' lives one way or the other

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