Thursday, October 9, 2008

an unanswered question...

referring to my previous post about asking people to "Say No To Fire Crackers", I can tell people that I myself don't buy fire crackers and am actually opposed to it. And burning fire crackers have nothing to do with religion. Our religion never teach us to do air and noise pollution, irritate our pets, the animals and birds around us. And when people are making so much hue and cry for global warming, where does their concern goes when they actually light a fire cracker? It's an unanswered question and will never be answered in a hypocrite Indian society. Many people just give a reason that Diwali comes once in a year, and compared to the enormous air, water and noise pollution which our environment is facing everyday, pollution caused by fire crackers in Diwali is negligible. Well, that's the silliest reason anybody can give. But I feel, I can contribute 0.000000001% to this cause by saying no to fire crackers. But when some people asks me, "You say a lot about animals, your love for animals. Where does your animal love goes when you eat non-vegetarian foods ?" It comes as a bolt from the blue specially when asked by a vegetarian person !!! I literally have no answer to it. I am saying no to fire crackers, I will be happy if people also finds the good reasons behind it and follow it.

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