Sunday, October 5, 2008

flashbacks of some missing feelings...

Durga Puja is just round the corner and I don't feel any special about it. These days I call it as Dassera rather than with the good old name Durga Puja. As far as I remember, when I was a kid, may be till my 6th standard, dad use to buy look alike clothes for me and my elder bro. Its a custom to get new clothes in Durga Puja. As four of us, myself, dada, mom and dad go to watch puja in a number of pandals around the town, people can actually recognize me and my brother as siblings, just from our clothes. Those days, I used to buy some big balloons, some water balloons (balloons with water inside, which can be played as a ping-pong ball) and a pistol. I remember, I along with my friends even used to play chor-police in the Puja-Mandaps with our pistols. Another attractions of Puja days were the various competitions organised by the Puja organizing committees. And we won many quizzes and all. Going to Pujas with parents continued till I was in my 9th standard or so. I still remember that I did not got to Puja when I was in my 10th. I was such a nerd those days and I utilized my Puja holidays by studying for my board exam. During my 10+2 days, I no longer went to Puja Pandals with parents but with my friends. Idea was "bird watching". Gosh, the girls will be in their best attires and look so stunning. Among all these, one main attraction of Durga Puja was the Khichdi of Laban Namghar Durga Puja. Wow, so yummy !!! I miss it so much. Days passed, and Durga Puja has now almost been forgotten. Dassera is just another holiday for me now. I really miss those feelings of my younger days and I know those are some time which got lost in the journey of life.

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