Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Need it ? or, You Just Creating the Need ?

As we walk through our life with the so called tag of modern lifestyles, some portion of our times are wasted because of fulfilling some silly needs or, just thinking about fulfilling it. And, most of these are really not needs but simply we create those needs. We needs something just for the sake of needing it. As I look into my case, till 1 year ago, I used to have a maid in my house for cleaning my house and some other house hold chores. But, although I disregarded this need following some unfortunate incidents, 1 year have passed and I realized that I really don't need a maid, neither probably I needed those days. This is just a silly example which I am quoting. If we think deeply, many such other needs will appear, which actually require no fulfillment. So, lets not create needs, if we don't really need something. Cheers ...

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