Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yet Another Independence Day !!!

Tomorrow will be the 61st Birthday of free India. A day to remember and pay homage to all the sacrifices of our fore fathers for freeing us from the atrocities of the Whites. Atrocities still exist, but probably the color has changed from white to brown. But, anyways, no country is perfect. For me, tomorrow will be another holiday. I will wake up late, cook my lunch, afternoon nap; just like any other normal off day. As long as I am paying taxes to the country, leading my life in a legal way, obeying the laws of the country, I don't have to worry much about the country. Probably, instead of trying to be better, we can try to not to be worse. We keep on saying that India is progressing, but we still sees beggars in the road, hungry children in a naked attire roaming in the chilly rain, mother f**ker politicians roaming ruthlessly in their SUVs' loitering public money, the f**king mob culture destroying public property... etc. etc. the list goes on. Lets all forget these problems our country is facing every passing moment and enjoy a holiday in the name of Independence Day. As I feel, an Indian enjoy full freedom in scenarios like:

1. Giving birth to children, no thoughts... if they really can bring them up.
2. Chewing gutkha, pan-supari and spitting anywhere.
3. Get angry and destroy public property.
4. Demarcating people on the place of their birth, North Indian, South Indian, Chinkies and what not ? Son of the soil funda !!!
5. A lot many other freedom, I just can't recollect.

Happy Independence Day, my dear fellow country men, You Guys Really Rock !!!

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