Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dur Ki Soch...


I see this ad every now and then in newspapers, magazines, portals. Issued in public interest by Indian Oil. Seriously, the thought of a day without fuel make me and may be every other person to shiver and an unknown fear runs through the nerves. Its high time that we start conserving fuel through our own awareness for our own interest. As it's been said... Charity Begins At Home; some steps which we can follow are :

  • Car-pool to save fuel. As observed, Indians usually owns a car which gives an average mileage of 14-15 kmpl. So, if atleast 2 people start using one car for daily commutation to & from office, it helps save 1 liter of petrol per 15 km traveled. Adoption of this will help saving thousands of litres of petrol everyday.
  • Switch off engines at traffic signals / traffic jams. Idling of engines also consumes fuel, so if everyone starts switching off the car engines at traffic signals or jams, one can imagine how much amount of fuel can be saved. **
  • Ensure right tyre pressure. Cars with lesser air in the tyres gives lower mileage, and leads to wastage of fuel. Filling tyres with the right amount of air atleast every 10 days is enough to save considerable amount of fuel. It takes just 10 minutes of our time to fill the tyres with air which comes free of cost in every gas station. **
  • Drive between 45-55 kmph. An average car gives the best possible mileage in this speed range. And this is an optimum range for city driving. **
  • Maximise the use 5th gear as much as you can. For 1.0L to 1.4L petrol engines, which majority of Indians own, 5th gear can be applied just at the speed of 40 kmph. Optimum use of gears can help save fuel to a great extent. **
  • Reduce use of car a/c as much as you can. **
  • Service and tune your engines regularly. Regular servicing helps engines operate at the best possible state, hence help in saving fuel. **
As they say, Example is better than percepts. I would like to say that I strongly follow the points marked with ** above. Car-pooling is usually not possible for me. Being a bachelor, I don't have any specified time of going to and coming from office.

Even if we are a damn care type and we don't want to think about the future, following the above mentioned points will help save our own money. So, Just Do It.

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