Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Techies and Terror Embrace...

Finally, the cops could find some clue about the recent serial blasts which rocked the city of Ahmedabad. Along with the usual religious goons, a software professional got caught, convicted of hacking into someone's computer system and sending the fraudulent emails just before the ghastly blasts. This is where the techies and terror met. As I read in the newspaper, the fucker is an ex-employee of one of the noted software company. He used his brain to kill people in the name of the God. If asked, he would justify that whatever he did was for the well being of his community, in the name of his God, however misinterpreted it may be. But little did he think that his actions will someway or the other will sow the seeds in ruining the careers of the talented people of his community. As his name got flashed in the media as the ex-employee of a reputed company, I am very much sure that in future this company will look at the resumes of the people belonging to his community with a raised eye-brow and will do a lot of cross verificiation while recruitment. And, in the process no one knows how many deserved young people will get eliminated. As the saying goes, one fish can ruin a complete pond, this guy played with the future of many young people. And, I dont find anything wrong in the company's point of view. The company is doing business, rather than organising army for any f**king Holy War. Gandhiji was right to say that "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind".

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