Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Friend of Misery...

You insist that the weight of the world
Should be on your shoulders
Theres much more to life than what you see
My friend of misery...

The saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed !!!" has come to be true in many cases in my life. And I feel, I am so lucky to have such friends. Let me quote an incident which happened just last night (18th May, 2007 - 10PM). I was very busy all day in office, so came home late , was very tired tooo. I packed my dinner from a resturent. When I was just in the entrance of my apartment, I remembered that I need to buy milk and bread, so I parked my car there, with hazards & the parking lights on. I had stopped the engine and head lights, locked all the windows, doors and came out of the car, just to find that I had left the car key inside. My cellphone, the house key was inside and even the FM was going on. It was like a bolt from the blue, only my wallet was with me. Thanx God that I had kept the spare key of the car and the flat in office. My mind had already gone blank and at that point of time I just remembered the mobile number of Anish; I called Anish from the PCO and told him everything. I was literally in a state of shock. Anish had already reached home by then. He assured me that he will go to office and get the key for me. I then went to Alok's house, who stays around 1km from my apartment and fled to office in his car. We stay around 14km apart from our office and the roads were full of friday night traffic. For the first time in my life, I was cursing "Thanks God, Its Friday". We reached office by around 10:40, Anish had already reached by then, must have drove at 100-120 kmph to reach office so early. We had to find the security guy who posses all the duplicate key of the office cupboards, as even my office keys were inside my car. Finally got the keys by around 11pm and reached home by 11:20. I was a bit scared with Alok's very fast driving, but I knew that he is efficient and skilled. I was worried that if the car battery gets discharged, then it will be a great pain in my ass. But nothing of that sort happened, the car was still there, standing with all lights and hazards on. It was a total stressful incident. I took so much tension on the whole matter that at some point of time I was feeling dizzy.
God, Thank You So Much for giving me such friends, whom I can approach anytime.

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