Monday, May 14, 2007

A Dual Feeling...

I didn't like people so much in my past.
I loved computers instead.
At least computers were honest, readily available
And never intentionally or un
intentionally sought to hurt me.
It took me years to realize that I used computers as a
replacement for the people I wanted to avoid.
Overall, I was scared of being hurt, afraid of rejection
and of not being loved in return.

That was a long time ago.
These days, I love people.
I learned to love through friendship.

I would like to take a moment of your time and share
something of what I learned.

My friend, has just read my blog.
She found it somewhat dogmatic and ironic
As a result, she missed my heart amongst the words.

So, I wanted to rewrite it but I didn't,
And if you still find it a bit dogmatic or sarcastic,
I can only blame my enthusiasm and a lack of space to fully elaborate...

OK, enough with excuses, will you be my friend?

Yep? Great! So we are friends.
At times, we both realize that it is not easy for either of
us to give and receive love.
The more I try to hate you, the more I love you ...
The more I try to love you, the more I hate you ...
That's the Thin Line Between Love and Hate ....
What to do... that's life!
Let's both Live it ...
And make life beautiful like never before !!!

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1 comment:

sujit said...

Hi, nice you have been talking to oneself. In this busy World finding oneself in oneself is a tough thing to do. Keep up the good Work.