Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hindu Talibanism - WTF ?

The word "sena" really drive me crazy. This time its Sri Ram Sena. What the F**K ? Till the Mangalore Pub attack, these morons were unknown. And, now its their ban on Valentine's Day. A desperate attempt to show of the frustrations of their erected weapons down their belly... in the name of protecting Indian Culture. They have warned that they will marry off all dating couples on Valentines Day. A group of misguided Hindu fanatics guided by some f**king saffron worn moron called Muthalik. Whether its the Mangalore Pub attack or their so called ban on Valentine's Day, these section of people has come down heavily on the freedom of expression of urban Indian. And enough is enough. Although, I personally dont celebrate V'Day, but young couples who does it should celebrate it with full spirit. Celebrate it, party hard and piss off all the beer in the mouth of Muthalik and all his sena members. Talibanism in the name of Indian Culture can never be tolerated.

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1 comment:

Komal said...

These fucking assholes should be hanged till death in public..
who the hell they think they are. Are they above the kid's parents. Who have given them the bloody right 2 marry someone with someone else.

I was happy that those who molested (literally molested) girls in pub were behind bars in a couple of days, but their bail is shame on our judiciary.
Politics, corruption ve gone till deep roots of India, and when I think of how this can be solved all I see is never ending vicious cycle.
I need change man, enough is enough!