Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bon Voyage

so, finally I am in America. The land of wonder and may be a majority Indian's wish to be atleast once be here in their lifetime. I travelled back to time to reach here. Started in the midnight and reached here in the afternoon of the same day :-) ... seriously crazy. So, what did I feel like when I first landed here ? Nothing. I felt, as though I had been here before and I knew the places will look like this or that. Nice houses, clean roads, lifestyle, and cars ... just WOW. Basically, whatever best in everything can be imagined (or more than that) back home are materialised here. May be the same feel of going to Bombay from the remotest village in India. But for me, its just 2 days now. As days passed, and I explore more and more things, my imagination about America will come true and true.

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